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Why Contractors Should Choose Renovaten?

Integrity of Leads

The home renovation lead we will offer you will be the one that is generated by the customers with the aim to find professional contractors as soon as possible. Therefore, there will be no uncertainty about the lead procedure.

Grow Together

We are a company that has done lots of analysis to upgrade the home renovation contractor hiring system to provide you a platform where you can improve your productivity amazingly.

System Managers

The partners of our business setup will be handled by a well-experienced team that ensures you to get maximum leads and builds your recognition as one of the top home renovation contractors.

Data Authenticity

Our team and home renovation system is maintaining a fully researched data about the leads and customers that will help you know what kind of leads can be converted into actual jobs to provide you a better experience.

How We Generate Our Home Improvement Leads


Lead Generation

The lead offered to the renovation contractors are by the customers looking to get services in real time. Our team and system have full information about the customer’s identity and its location and what were the circumstances that made them choose our service.

Our created content is rated by the google among its top searches related to the home renovation. Our blog guides you various subjects from interior to exterior remodeling.
We make our advertisement on various other platform where people across the globe are visitiors to create awareness about how to easily hire a professional and seasoned contractor.
Our advertisement also focuses social media that is used widely by the homeowners so that stay in touch with home renovation updates.
Our media team researches and emails the homeowners whom have shown their interest in remodeling their home to get them acknowledged about over system.
We perform professional marketing ads compaign to search homeowners that are looking to get renovation services by experts in the field.

What Makes Us Unique

Home renovation companies are observed to be selling out the leads weeks or months older. At the time, most of the homeowners are even done with renovation projects. However, our provided leads are gnuine and does not include any purchased data or leads so that it is beneficial for both our company and registered contractors.

What Makes Renovaten’s Lead Apart

Cost Reduction

Our well-organized system gets leads at fewer costs than any of the contract can take on their own which drives towards lower costs.

Long-term Relation

We manage a system of data scaling through we can rightly determine the number of leads you are buying and converting into a successful venture for a long-term partnership and relationship.

Increased Earnings

After getting registered with the Renovaten, you will find valuable and high profit leads at regular intervals that will increase your net worth amazingly.

Focus On Your Core Capabilities

You will get plenty of time to set your focus upon your core competencies when Renovaten has all the responsibility of generating leads and handling the system.

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