Color Splash: Green Kitchen Cabinets to Refresh your Home in Summer

green kitchen cabinets

We love our kitchens and spend a lot of time in making meals and celebrating events with our friends. As you try to make people get amazed with your food, your kitchen should also reflect creativity and elegance.

There is no doubt that kitchen renovation is a tough task. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinets can set the foundation for the style and looks of your kitchen.

Regarding kitchen cabinets, you have two options. Either to replace them or to reface them. If your cabinets are in good shape then repainting them is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to bring a dramatical change in your kitchen.

There are a lot of modern and stylish color options that can give your kitchen a major facelift; however, here we will take a look at a color that is trendy and ideal for 2019, the Green.

1. Stunning Dark Shades of Green

You will be surprised to see the elegance and style of your kitchen when you use dark shades of green on your cabinets. It fits brilliantly with the white and offers the right amount of contrast to the settings. Choose a shade of green that has a matte finish as it will bring a garish look and you can even paint your walls with a green hue. Another great thing about green is you can add other colors like orange and red and it will look amazing unless used in patchy ways.

green kitchen cabinets

2. Light and Pastel Shades

If you don’t like dark shades or you are a fan of light hues, there are lighter and pastel shades that can adapt to multiple styles. These light color shades are a perfect choice for a modern, shabby chic, or even for vintage kitchens. These shades are easy on eyes and you can add them in your kitchen with minor changes. Another advantage of using such colors is that it can bring a feeling of openness even to a small kitchen.

green kitchen cabinets

3. Lively Green and Brown

Green is such a versatile color that it can go with any type of color. Try tow-toned kitchen with cabinets painted in green and the background in oaky brown. You will have a natural and contemporary feel at the same time. This amazing combination not only adds a lot to the aesthetics of your kitchen but it can bring a calming and soothing impact on the overall style of your home.

4. Vibrant Green and White

Different shades of green like citron, lime, or apple green can make your cabinets to pop. If you have a lot of cabinets in the kitchen, you can do wonders with green and white contrast. Add vibrant green to the lower cabinets and then balance it with the cream or white upper cabinets. Have a black granite countertop and a tiled backsplash and it will keep the boldness in check. If you can add wood or laminate floor with chrome or cream accessories, you will have a perfect combination for a stunning kitchen.

green kitchen cabinets

5. Play with Your Pans and Pots

It is not necessary that you have to splurge a lot to give your kitchen an upgrade. Rather, sometimes simple things can do wonders. Looking confused? Yes, you can add a bit of metallic glitter to your cooking space with the gorgeous display of pots and pans. It is very simple. Use either open shelves or add just a simple pot hanger to your green cabinets and it will dramatically change the overall looks of your kitchen.

6. Amazing Sage Green Cabinets

If your cabinets cover most of the wall area, sage green will be an amazing choice to paint your cabinets. You can have a pleasing blend of hues with sage green. Your kitchen is a workspace that is all about food and family and it will bring a new life to your renovated kitchen.

green kitchen cabinets

7. Green Kitchen Walls

Green gives a relaxing feel to any kitchen. Besides the cabinets, you can utilize this color in many ways. What about using this color as a background shade to have a natural or earth-themed kitchen? Why not. Tint your walls with the soft green color and add ornaments like bread basket, wildflower plan, vintage flower drapes, and also wicker furnishings.

8. Earthy Green Cabinets

There is a fine line between showy and muted color schemes and keeping the balance between them is very important. You can have this relaxing and refreshing balance in your kitchen by having your cabinets in olive and celery tones of green. As these in between green cabinets have a neutral backdrop, you can add an array of colors like orange, yellow, blue, or even other shades of green.

9. It is Time to Turn to Green

Traditionally white was the color of choice for most of the homeowners when it comes to kitchens. However, the beautiful green hue has become a bit of staple in homes across the world. People love to have nature-centric hues in their homes especially in their kitchens. If you also want to have an eco-friendly appeal to your kitchen, start with adding bar tools, chairs, pendants, and accessories in green. Then expand to a kitchen with green islands and cabinets.

green kitchen cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a more curated and modern look and you can repeat the color elsewhere in the room. As people are focusing more on eco-friendly kitchens, green has become a color of choice.  Opting for green cabinets are the ideal color choice to refresh your home this summer and to have a cooking space that stimulates creativity.

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