Color guide- Would you Choose GREEN for your Bathroom?

green bathroom

The warm, tranquil and inviting bathroom is a dream of every homeowner. And especially if you have got a new home then you might want to try some new color schemes for the entire home. Blue, red, brown, while there are loads of colors that can add warmth and excellence in your home. But I think no color could exactly match the gracefulness of green.

We often associate this color with freshness and eco-friendly environment. That’s the reason people tend to choose this color for different areas of their home. So, in case of bathrooms, if you want to give some peaceful, energetic and exciting touch, then no color would beat the effects of Green, here are some reasons that help you understand more clearly.

Green lends perfectly to metallic items:

One biggest advantage of going green is, it lends perfectly with all the metallic items present in your bathroom. For example, if you are using the decadent tub, then the green painted walls or wallpaper would look super gorgeous as it would be matching with the combination of metallic tub item.

Green wallpapers:

I think the bathroom is the perfect place to go green, and when it comes to painting or wallpaper setting then no color can beat the simplicity and decency of green. You can find different green wallpapers cherished with amazing ideas and themes. It’s better to find something according to your taste and bathroom design, which also goes complimentary with the items present in your area. Make sure you are not choosing dark or shocking green shades as it would make the area dull and dark.

green wallpaper


Choose neon-leading shades:

Choosing some neon-leading shades would ultimately offer more elegance and may give a super expensive look to whole interiors. You can consider choosing these shades for your drawers, cabinets, and countertops and then add some striking color contrast to the background. It would look more expensive and the area would look extraordinary amazing.

neon green bathroom


Textures for the wall:

Besides choosing green textures for your wall, you can also consider adding contrasting colors. The trend of using half green and the half-tiled bathroom is also much common and create an impressive graphic finish.

green textured walls


Painting the cabinetry doors in green:

For a more enchanting look, you can choose to paint the cabinetry doors in light green shades. Or else, you can pick some green colored storage baskets or drawers. Different green textures and shades can absolutely work well, and their finished effect and color variety would allow more a more warming finish.

green cabinets


Green tiles for flooring and walls:

For a simpler yet striking look, try adding green tiles for walls and flooring. People also opt for some wet-look tiles which offer an extra dimension to the bathroom. It’s also trendy to add contrasting shades of the green family for walls and floors.

green tiles


Freestanding green bathtub:

And if all your tricks fail, then turn your attention to the bathtub which is painted green, freestanding tub, and have inevitable style. This often looks more traditional than the built-in tubs having neutral shades.

green bathtub


The bathroom is the perfect space to add elegance and bright colors. That’s why people tend to give a professional touch to their areas with the help of bathroom contractors who can maintain accuracy, simplicity, and perfection at the same time.

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