Pros and Cons of Ceramic Floor Tiles in Home

Ceramic Floor Tile

Ceramic floor tile is one of the most used products in home flooring because of its flexible nature. It is part of flooring, countertops, and backsplashes all over the world. After it’s installation you don’t have to worry about restraints regarding stains, design or water.

However, it contains some pros and cons which cannot be overlooked while making a decision to get it to install in the home.

Let’s take a look at them briefly.

Pros of Ceramic Floor Tile

  • It is available in a large number of varieties related to color, design, appearance, style, and shapes in the market. You can get it matched with almost any other object of the room.
  • It has a great durable nature and does not get affected by large human traffic. Also, it works fine in any kind of weather conditions in the area.
  • After it’s installation, homeowners don’t have to worry about its regular maintenance and repair. It is quite resistant in nature when it comes to stains and dirt.
  • Chemically, ceramic floor tile offers the best possible surface to the homeowners. It does not allow any organic substances to grow and a chemical substance to harm itself.
  • With the cheap process of installation, it also improves room temperature in the summer season. The cool atmosphere allows you to use less high energy cooling appliances that in the end reduces energy bills.
  • In the end, cost-effective reason has utmost significance in its popularity. The purchasing of it can be done at affordable rates easily with variation depending on quality.

Ceramic Floor Tile

Cons of Ceramic Floor Tile

  • Naturally, these tiles are often found to be hard and can hard for walking and standing for older people.
  • As above mentioned, it works well with the temperature in summer because it gets cooled easily. However, this feature becomes a disadvantage in winter. It does not get heated easily and you can’t even walk barefooted in winter over it.
  • The installation of ceramic floor tile needs a professional skillful contractor. However, now you have the option to find these well-rated contractors easily while just sitting at home.
  • The weight of these tiles is quite heavy. The heavy nature of these tiles makes them inappropriate to be used other than ground floor. For this, you need to take proper guidance from experts in the field.
  • It is certainly not recommended to be used in the outdoor area of the home. The reason behind it is that ceramic floor tiles absorb a large quantity of water. In rainy areas, it can get cracked easily.

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