Things To Consider While Choosing Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

Things To Consider While Choosing Bathroom Vanity

Whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling the existing one, you need to have certain considerations while selecting a bathroom vanity.

Here, we will break down them one by one so that you can have better ideas before choosing the right vanity for your bathroom.

Consider Who Will Use It

Before selecting anything, its important to have a clear idea about the purpose of having a useful bathroom vanity. If someone is looking to have a complete makeup procedure within the bathroom then counter cabinets are a must requirement. Other than that, if you have a partner who is using it then you should opt for a vanity with a sink of your choice.

Location of Plumbing Work

Plumbing has a heavy impact on the position and style of your bathroom vanity. Your plumbing work should be in close where your vanity is installed as the costs of moving the plumbing are high. Moreover, the style and type of bathroom vanities are dependent upon the kind of plumbing work is done.

bathroom vanity

Factors Affecting the Size and Placement

Every bathroom possesses certain elements that limit the size and functionality of its features. In case of bathroom vanity, you should notify the movement and swing of your door whether it is inwards or outwards. Similarly, consider the position of shower and toilet to avoid any harm in future. The easy passage between the objects is also significant.

Storage Capacity

For the perfect size of a bathroom vanity, consider what and how much you want to store in it. You have to make some compromises in order to avoid any overloading of features in the bathroom. Decide the placement position of the vanity in your bathroom with keeping your priorities in the mind. The number of drawers and their size must be determined before the start of the project.

Sink Style

Other than the woodwork, the faucets and sink installed over the surface of bathroom vanities are important for stunning appearance. The market is full of different variety of sinks available, make sure which one suits the bathroom vanity you have chosen for your bathroom.

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Wall Mounted Preference

There are different styles available when it comes to wall mounting. The first is freestanding which can be easily moved since it ain’t attached to the wall. Contrary to this, wall mounted vanity is attached to the surface. Moreover, the other common form found to be is a corner style bathroom vanity.

Bathroom in any home tremendously affects its worth and value. Therefore, you must always take decisions after proper analysis or according to the advice of professional contractors available in the market.

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