Should You Install Popcorn Ceiling In Your Home?

popcorn ceiling

Should You Install Popcorn Ceiling In Your Home?

Popcorn ceilings is a ceiling with a certain spray-on or paint-on treatment. This is also considered to be a vintage fashion and is famous for hiding imperfection in the surface. With the improvement in its manufacturing process, it has become popular again among homeowners due to its attractive appearance.

Well, we will advise you to install it based on the facts given below.

 Hides any Problems with the Ceiling

This is the benefit that attracts most people towards it other than the design. Any faults in your ceiling will be well covered by installing a popcorn ceiling. Most of the people are worried about the marks or any mishandling of duct or vent. Hence, if you like the design and look of it among its varieties, then it is an amazing option to have in your room.

Cheap to Install

Painting the ceiling can cause a burden on your budget. It is way cheaper and low in cost as compared to the painting. Moreover, it has an easy process of installation as well as creating the required substance in your home. So, you can take it as a replacement for the high-cost painting process.

Improved Manufacturing

It became popular in the late 70’s for the first time. However, the major criticism on it was the use of asbestos that is very dangerous for human health. But, now the manufacturing companies have removed this substance from their process. Therefore, it is now considered to be safe for usage.


she acoustic nature of the popcorn ceiling makes them enable to lessen noise and echoes. In the 70s, they were referred to an as perfect solution for muffling outside noise, especially in the bedrooms. With the cheap process, it is a great option if you like the design of it.

Objections on Popcorn Ceiling

The major issue of this ceiling is that it is generally considered to be very hard to repair. Also, the cleaning process is very difficult too. Similarly, the removal of this type of ceiling requires specific skills hence you must hire a skill full contractor that you can find online.

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