Retaining Wall Material Comparison: Concrete vs Stone

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Material Comparison: Concrete vs Stone

Retaining wall is considered to be a stunning and useful addition to the outdoor portion. In past, it was only used for creating different levels in your home. However, with time. there is an advancement in design and it is now used as an element to improve the beauty of landscape area. There are many materials who are used for its installation. Here, we will discuss and compare two of them; Concrete and Stone.

Stone Retaining Wall 

Retaining Wall

Used since centuries, the stone retaining walls provide a heritage look and aesthetic appearance. Their variety of designs, sizes, and colors are a major reason for their popularity. Such different variations in the availability of stone give homeowners and installers an opportunity to show their artistic skills. Retaining wall made up of natural stone is costly and its installation requires more workers than others. However, any natural or custom look can be made during its installation procedure.

On looking at its advantage, it is important to know that water drainage will be the point of concern for you with time. Moreover, this drainage and moisture can cause hamper the structure and its stability of natural stone retaining walls. It requires a skillful contractor for an ideal installation.

Concrete Retaining Wall

These concrete type of retaining walls are man-made that gives an opportunity for the creation of custom designs. This custom design feature offers you a variety of options and can be utilized in any case of adding curb appeal or improving patio appearance. The concrete retaining walls can also be transformed into curved ones. The most important advantage it has is that it provides a look of flagstone with the durability of concrete.

They are not allowed to be used above the height of 4 feet unless you have attained legal permits. The cost per square is found to more expensive than that of stone retaining walls. They can be modified easily but still cannot be compared with the beauty of natural stone. Lastly, the lack of footings feature has a direct effect on its long-lasting attribute.

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