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Window treatments - Renovaten

8 Unique and Eccentric Window Treatments Ideas

27 June

Find out how to make your window look elegant and unique with some unusual window treatments, suggestions and recommendations.

5 reasons why your air conditioner won't work when you need it

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Work When You Need It

27 June

Imagine your air conditioner stops working on one of the hottest days of summers and you have no clue why. Find out the reasons why it has stopped working.

door handles

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Door Handles

27 June

To make your doors look stylish and pleasant to operate, get knowledge on how to select the appropriate door handles for them.

gutter cleaning

Guide to Gutter Cleaning and Eavestroughs

27 June

Get proper knowledge about gutter cleaning and eavestrough by following the guide and steps recommended by the experts in the field.

roof styles

10 Roof Styles to choose for your dream home

26 June

While building your home, an attractive and durable roof can be proved as a great decision for aesthetic look of your home from outside.

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