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Game of Thrones

7 Ways to Show Off Your Game Of Thrones Obsession in Your Home

7 May

Here you will find a lot of amazing interiors of Game of Thrones that you will immediately want to replicate them in your home.

bathroom remodel

Top Ways to Cut the Costs of your New Bathroom Remodel

6 May

If the thought of new bathroom remodel puts stars in your eyes, the price tag may quickly bring you back down to earth. Follow the tips to manage everything

garage contractors

Why It is Better to Leave Garage Remodeling to Garage Contractors?

3 May

The expense factor can make you think of tackling the garage renovation yourself, but there are many good reasons to hire professional garage contractors.

cheap flooring

Top Cheap Flooring Options for Allergy Sufferers

2 May

If you suffer from allergies, you know how much your home flooring can impact your health? Consider these cheap flooring options for a better environment

green kitchen cabinets

Color Splash: Green Kitchen Cabinets to Refresh your Home in Summer

30 April

There are a lot of cabinet color choices for the kitchen. However, here we will discuss a color trend that is ideal for 2019, the Green kitchen cabinets.

bathroom remodel

Is Your Bathroom Remodel Secretly Stressing you out?

29 April

If you’re looking for an ideal bathroom remodel this year, be sure to check out these tips to avoid stress which will turn your bathroom into a lovely oasis

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