How to Fix the Sagging Ceiling Tiles Yourself?

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How to Fix the Sagging Ceiling Tiles Yourself?

The ceiling performs a major role in adding a design element, acoustical value and aesthetic appeal. However, ceiling tiles still go unnoticed until they face any issue. The sagging and watermarks present on the surface of ceiling tiles often harm the overall look of the room. It can also be dangerous for the people living in that area.

Therefore, here we will teach you that what and how steps are performed to fix sagging tiles.

Why did it happen?

Before making advancement in fixing these ceiling tiles, locate what was the cause behind this situation. Mostly it happens due to water seepage in the ceilings. This often causes spots or marks upon the surface of the ceiling. Similarly, this water seepage results in form of mold which causes sagging in the tiles. make sure before any fixing process that water seepage is completely removed from the ceiling.

Remove the Sagging tiles 

After you are done with removing water seepage, look to replace the affected tiles in the ceiling. Carefully examine which areas are affected. First, take out the loosened tiles without making any damage to the fixed ones. Similarly, remove one by one all other tiles affected by sagging.

Take Adhesive and Staple for Furring Strips

If the ceiling tiles are installed with furring, then apply adhesive on both sides surface. Place the tile on furring for adhesion and utilize a staple gun for tile stapling on the furring. Make sure that all the tiles are placed in the same procedure to avoid any diversity. However, in the plastic ceiling, glue is used for the installation of ceiling tiles.

Examine Ceiling Uniformity 

Its a kind of testing process in which you have to locate the uniform composition of the ceiling. The re-installation of tiles may affect the old tiles uniformity. It’s better to remove this sort of issue first. Also, the paint may have been taken off due to the installation of new tiles.

Future Measures for Sagging of Ceiling Tiles 

Its always considered to be a better option to avoid any damage rather repairing it. Perform measure so not water seepage happens in the future. It is also recommended to you to use staples to place ceiling tiles. It has a more durable and long-lasting nature.

Find Wall Remodeling Contractors

The market is full of tile repairing kits, however, if you are not comfortable then you can take help from experienced contractors.

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