Home Improvement Guide: Winterize your Houses for December

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Home Improvement Guide: Winterize your Houses for December

The beauty of freshly fallen snow may soothe your nerves especially when the stars, moon, and sunshine upon its white color. However, winter season usually wreaks havoc on most of the houses, especially in the United States. Thus, from heavy snow sitting on top of the roof to icicles forming on the gutters, ice dams, howling winds, frozen pipes and more, then this winter weather may leave you helpless out in the cold.

That’s why it’s quite necessary to winterize your homes for cold weather and follow these maintenance tips so you can easily prevent such wintry woes that can you’re your way.

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Protect the pipes from freezing and save $5,000:

Do you know that your burst pipe can simply cost you around $5,000 in water damage? But the good news is, a little winter home maintenance with the help of handyman plumbing services can prevent you from experiencing these issues. So, if you are planning to go on vacation, you should not turn the heat down to low as the pipes need maximum heat to prevent cold and freezing. You can also allow the faucets to drip during cold weather. It’s better to wrap all the pipes with insulation. It’s easy to find fiberglass sleeves or foam rubber at the local hardware or your home improvement shop. It is also advised to contact a licensed contractor to who can make sure the pipes are ready for winters.

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Caulking & weather-stripping:

Caulking and weather-stripping can seal warm air while keeping the cold air out. Thus, if the caulking and weather-stripping are getting old around the inside of your doors and windows, you can start replacing them immediately before it looks weirder.  Latex caulking usually comes in more clear colors, so you can match the home’s interior decor. Also, remember that you may want to caulk the outside of your doors and windows too. So, its good to use silicone caulking as it would not shrink and might stand up to the elements as well. In order to deal with this complicated issue, it’s also recommended to get in touch with local window remodeling contractors as they can help you with something according to your needs and budget.

Home Insulation system:

Inspect of your attic, basement, or crawl space insulation to make sure it’s adequate for your needs. After all, a proper insulation would simply keep it warm in winter season and cool in the summer. If it’s already old and worn out, you should consider replacing it for more character and appeal. If you need some more insulation, then consider adding something that can simply keep your house insulated for the whole season. Also remember that adding insulation would be required you to hire expert renovation contractors, as he can assist you might reduce the costs as well.

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Check out the sump pump:

You should check out the sump pump every few months in order to make sure it’s functioning correctly, especially if your house hasn’t had enough rain. You can gradually pour a couple of gallons of water into the sump pit and then check the sound of the pump to turn on.

Therefore, some important home improvement projects for winter season should be on your ‘to-do ‘list as this is the most important element that can help you maintain the areas in a best way possible. To get ideas and suggestions, you can also get in touch with professional home improvement contractors at Renovaten.

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