Genius Home Improvement Hacks for your Kitchen & Bath

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Genius Home Improvement Hacks for your Kitchen & Bath

Do you love finding some easy and interesting ways to update the things around you, especially when you want to save money as well? If so, then it’s might be a little daunting because you have to explore some trendy ways and ideas that can be searched with the help of a reliable professional contractor. As they can guide you in achieving the best look of your interiors by applying some right tips and tricks. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, people tend to spend a ton of money as these are the most important spaces of a house which cannot be ignored at any cost.

Here are some ideas recommended by Renovaten contractors for a more genius look of your kitchen and bath:

Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen vanities:

Before starting renovations, you can choose to upgrade your vanities first. For example, if you have a standard 32-inch bathroom vanity, you can make turn it to a more comfortable and contemporary height of 36 inches or even more. Moreover, you should also not trash your cabinets, instead, raise them, and mount the existing vanity on a base created of 2x4s, and then cover it with a trim board. You can also choose to add multiple vanities which include knobs and pulls, stylish mirrors, bathroom/kitchen faucets, lights, and storage spaces. As these cannot be upgraded with DIY techniques, so it’s better to consult with professional local bathroom remodeling contractors, because they can suggest you something according to your budget and trends.


Add a touch of granite to your countertops:

Today, most of the homeowners tend to replace their meh kitchen pass-through with granite and prefer installing some new laminate granite-look countertops which can amazingly fool your eyes by picking up various beautiful colors of the natural stone. As this is a quite expensive addition to your kitchen and bathroom, but worth important to enhance the value of your areas. As an alternative, you can also take the advice of local kitchen contractors before implementing the trick because they have proficient knowledge and expertise of everything related to remodeling tasks.


Fix the old tiles:

Your old wall or shower tile may have started losing its shine and luster after a few years of wear & tear. But it simply doesn’t mean that it has outlived its use unless it is chipped or cracked. The solution is to choose a professional tile reglazing which is also a budget-friendly way to preserve an old tile you love, or you can even recolor that tile which you are not so crazy about. Do not ignore the fresh and clean difference which tile regrouting technique can make.

Create a better-looking backsplash:

This seems to be a fun project especially for all DIY newbies and old-timers; you can choose to install a great looking imaginative and practical backsplash. Some of the attractive ones are amazingly available in low budget and quite easy to put together. You can also experiment with the backsplash created of stainless steel tile, sheet vinyl flooring, and even wood shims. People also try their hand at a unique faux copper look made out of painted aluminum foil.

There are still lots of ideas to follow, but the above-mentioned ones can ultimately save your time and money on choosing and installation of different hacks; that’s why considering the help of professional people to get guidance for your home improvement project can do wonders in a budget-friendly way.

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