Exploring The Bathroom Sink Styles For Homeowners

bathroom sink

Exploring The Best Bathroom Sink Styles For Homeowners

The bathroom sink is available in a lot of categories beyond the imagination of the common man. Although, it may seem to be a blessing to choose from different options. However, it can be stressful if you are not aware of the pros and cons of every choice present. Here, we will guide you about the kinds of bathroom sinks from which homeowners are going to select in the market.

Top-mount sink

It is the most popular and used form of the bathroom sink that is installed at the top of countertops in bathroom or kitchen. Due to its designing, it is compatible with any type of countertop material because the cutout is covered by the sink. Its installation is done at lower costs since it does not need any polishing finishing at the edges. Moreover, its maintenance and cleaning are simple and easy. Nonetheless, you may find it hard to sponge out the water directly from the countertop to the sink.

bathroom sink

Undermount Sink

As the name suggests, the rim of the sink settles inside the surface of the countertop. It provides an elegant and clean look as the most of the surface of the sink is hidden from a distance. Contrary to the top-mount sink, the water can be wiped inside from the countertop. The weakness undermount sink has is that it requires a solid surface countertop for proper working. The reason behind the use of a solid surface is that it is liable to moisture. Also, it cannot be sealed from any side.

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Wall Mounted Sink

Probably, the best choice for homeowners looking for modern and the aesthetic of the bathroom sink. It is installed directly into the wall without any countertop. Other than attractive looks, it provides a feeling of larger space in the bathroom. All the operational work of the sink is done inside including the exclusion of waste material making way for the dirt-free appearance. However, no storage space becomes an issue for some homeowners. You are advised to consider storage requirements before taking any decision.

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Pedestal Sink 

It is the traditional form of bathroom sink used by the people whom bathroom waste pipe goes through the floor. It brings a classical feeling to your bathroom. Its structure hides the pipework so that it does not look bad. Similar to the wall mounted sink, no storage facility is a problem. Also, there is an issue of cleaning between the wall and the sink.

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Washplane sink

It is mostly found in hotels and restaurant bathrooms. It possesses a stunning and eye-catching look and is recommended for the modern designed homes. However, you need a good budget for attaining it. It takes low space and is perfect for usage in small bathrooms. The surface is made up of ceramic or porcelain mostly. It is used where only hand washing is performed as its surface cannot hold water in large quantity.

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Take your decision with your bathroom conditions in mind. For the installation or repairing of the bathroom sink, now you can hire seasoned pros near your location by using the Renovaten platform.

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