How to Choose the Right Room Cooler for Your Home?


How to Choose the Right Room Cooler for Your Home?

Room air cooler is considered to be the best economical solution for the homeowners living in dry areas. It is popular because of its low costs and environmental friendly nature.

However, choosing the right one requires a great knowledge about it. So, to enjoy its benefits, the first step is to make it sure that you have installed a perfect one in your home.

Water Tank

Room cooler provides cool air by using the evaporation method. It lowers down the temperature by converting water stored in its tank into vapors. So, the water storage directly affects the capacity of producing cool air. You must look for room coolers having a large water tank to enjoy cool air for a long time.


The airflow and size of room concurrent to each other. You should select the room cooler after checking its airflow in cubic feet meter according to the size of your home. Similarly, the source of air also has the utmost significance. The airflow depends upon the usage of a blower or fan. Both of these types produce airflow in low and high pressure respectively. The fan is installed in a large volume of air coolers while the blower is operated in a small cooler. Also, the cooler must be chosen which offers you the best airflow speed control.


Cooling Pads

Cooling pads play an important role in producing cool air. They absorb the water and allow the air to pass through them. They are generally available in two types of materials; aspen and cellulose. Experts have recommended cellulose cooling pads as they are thicker in nature resulting in producing better air cooling with a durable nature.


Homeowners hesitate to buy air coolers as they have adverse effects on the overall styling of the room because of their outdated designs. However, with the time the companies have worked upon creating aesthetic designs so that no issue of styling occurs in your home. Correspondingly, the newly designed tower air cooler is gaining popularity among the homeowners.

Air coolers that work on inverters 

To have low energy bills, look for room coolers which run on inverters. They are commonly helpful in reducing 50 percent of energy consumption by the cooler. Also, the room coolers operated through remote control are preferable as they provide a lot of convenience to homeowners.

AC Contractors

So, to have a room cooler which completely fulfills your expectations then you should buy it based upon these requirements. The rightly selected cooler will not provide a situation for reconsideration. These coolers should be repaired and have maintenance by experts for the best usage.

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