Berber Carpet; Features and Effects on Home

Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet; Features and Effects on Home

It is a versatile type of carpet produced from loops of yarn. Berber carpet is physically much denser than other types of carpet found in the market. If you are looking to install it in your home then you are advised to get proper knowledge about it.

Features of Berber Carpet

In earlier times, the berber carpet was a term used for the carpet in lighter color having flecks or patches of dark color upon its surface. It has its origins from berber tribes of Africa. They used to produce carpet from the unique style of weaving. The weaving is inconsistent in nature and possesses an uneven size tufts. With the time, the variation in color of berber carpets was introduced and now it is available in wide range of colors. However, its rough surface and difficulty in cleaning are not liked by some homeowners.

Berber Carpet

Here are some of its effects and impacts that it provides to the home.

Attractive Appearance

It fulfills the purpose of having a stunning and attractive appearance from the floor surface. It has a unique surface and design as compared to other carpets. As earlier mentioned, it is available in a variety of colors matching it with other features of the rooms quite easily.

Durability and Cost

According to the cost perspective, although the berber carpet is expensive in nature. However, its long durability covers up the price. Contrary to that, it has different manufacturing materials which also affects the price. Nevertheless, you should not choose it if you are having a tight budget.

Dirt Resistant

The surface made up of weaving does not allow it to absorb dirt and soil. Hence, it is comfortable and suitable for living areas where foot traffic is the large number. Similarly, it offers an extra advantage to the homeowners is that it does not keep marks of footstep or cleaning appliances. It also hides the existing dirt very well.

Berber Carpet

Stains on the Surface

Although it shows little resistant to the stains however it has another side to the story too. It is a very hard process to clean these stain if some of them occur because of its surface. It is suggested to avoid oily products from the surface.

Installation and Maintenance

Its installation is a difficult process and requires a professional contractor for this purpose. Similarly, due to its rough surface, it is tough to repair if any damage happens. Its installation and repairing are not only difficult but also costly and expensive in nature.

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