Top 10 home improvement projects with high return on investment

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Top 10 home improvement projects with high return on investment

17 October

Whether you plan to stay in your house for a long run or just a few years, it’s important to know which of the essential home improvements can add value to your place and increase its overall worth. But wait, if you are thinking to put a ‘sale sign’ in front of your house, then it […]


How general contractors are changing the face of construction industry in Florida?

15 October

The construction industry has faced a dramatic change in the past few decades which has revolutionized home improvement solutions in Florida. Like, just from simple materialistic investment to IoT solutions, the technology is rapidly growing the construction industry which is bringing different enhancements and making the things better for homeowners.

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Smart home tech trends every homeowner needs to know

10 October

From massive TV displays to smart home techniques, consumers are embracing some innovative trends in home improvement industry that are making their lives easier and simpler than ever before as these techniques are offering more efficient and convenient way of life. For example, today consumers having a smart doorbell can usually receive instant notifications on […]

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Impacts of 3D technology in the home improvement industry

3 October

If you’ve been planning about home improvement in upcoming days but also feeling concerned that the process would be too hectic or challenging and the end result might not what have envisioned; then you need to consider utilizing some ways that can help you overcome the difficulties of home renovation.

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The Integration of Smart Technologies for your Future Home

2 October

Today many people plan their home renovation projects, but do they also tend to keep up with some innovative trends and technologies for their home? If not so, then considering some new technological products to incorporate into the home remodeling project can make our life much easy, safe and comfortable, as well as can also […]

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The #1 Renovation to consider before selling your home in Florida

25 September

Florida Contractors tips for updating and renovating the most important part of your house After buying and selling millions of properties, and working on different home improvement projects over several years, we could consider that Florida Contractors at Renovaten are experienced enough to provide some professional tips required before selling your home.

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Tips to choose the commercial handyman services in Florida

17 September

If you are also one of those people who does not have enough time to manage certain home improvement tasks then you are in dire need of local handyman services in Florida. The type of tasks that handyman services offer is quite exceptional and delivers their work according to the user’s satisfaction.