8 Unique and Eccentric Window Treatments Ideas

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8 Unique and Eccentric Window Treatments Ideas

Making your mind to perform window renovation in your home but tired and exhausted of the old ideas? Then take a look at following ideas to give your windows a new look and feel. Just read the window treatments below and you may, in the end, get the design which satisfies you.

1. Flag

Do you want to display your national pride in an uncommon way? Then, why not try to do window treatment by placing a flag. The unique attributes of the flag will have an attractive appeal towards the window.

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2. Coffee Sack Curtains

A fun approach for the coffee lovers in their kitchen or room windows. These curtains are manufactured from low-cost coffee sacks. The inclusion of stenciled composition provides the last touch to them to convert them into the classic window curtains.


Coffee Sack Curtains

3. Old Maps

The installation of these elegant old maps can be proved a great decision in order to improve the aesthetic look of an office or room. Figure out the most unique looking maps available according to the places through the inter out. You will definitely find out premade maps online.


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4. Fabric-Scrap Curtains

The installation of this no-sew curtain is a reasonable option if you are facing the dilemma of having scrap fabric near it. Turn the fabric into a strip and revolve all of them around the rod. You will observe the changes and improvement in the look of the room soon after doing this.


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5. Vintage Doilies

One of the most uncommon and unusual window treatments you have to deal with. This window treatment is built up with sewing together of vintage doilies made up of lace. The collection of lace doilies can be found in a store near you.


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6. Macrame Madness

The trends of the 70s are regaining their popularity in recent times. Consequently, macrame wall curtains is an amazing option to give your windows look eccentric to the visitors. The major advantage of these macrame wall curtains is that it can be designed by homeowners themselves with some easy steps.

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7. Faux Stained Glass

The look of stained glass is loved by everyone. However, the price and cost may be a hurdle to get them easily. For this, you can try to build by yourself. This can now easily done with some simple materials guideline which can easily be found online.

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8. Tea Towels

Adding tea towels to the windows can be a great option as it won’t cost you much and does not get dirty easily. So, don’t be late and use this one of the most cost-effective window treatments as soon as possible.


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Which one of these discussed windows remodeling and treatment idea have you liked for your home or living area? Do give feedback in comments. If you want a perfect advice according to your room features then contact window remodeling professional contractors suggested by Renovaten.

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