Bay Windows- Features, Advantages and Disadvantages


Bay windows project towards outward from the interior portion of the home. The beautiful architecture and its variety rank it as one of the most significant focal points in the home. These windows add to the design value of the interior portion and provide you a place to display your stuff with it. Although, its major benefit is the view it provides but let’s explore some other.

Features of Bay Windows

Generally, its features are comprised of a central window accompanied with two side windows. The central window has a fixed nature while siding windows are of casement type. The angle used to install side windows varies from 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90° depending on the conditions. It has a deep surface with it which is used for the plants or other stuff to display as mentioned above. The developing process contains a procedure where its custom sizes and designs with high degree quality are made.

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Advantages of Bay Windows

The advantages and benefits of bay windows to the home are below:

  • The most common reason for selecting these windows is the elegant look that it provides. From outside, the glitter glass gives a present-day and pleasant look to the visitors. In the interior side other than aesthetic look, it enhances the feel of extra space. This, in the end, benefits the homeowners at the time of resale.
  • The property of panoramic view enables its glass to pass natural light more than other types of windows. Also, it passes light in the different direction.
  • The structure of the bay windows allows the installation of two operative windows. This feature enables homeowners to have excellent ventilation conditions since air passes form two sides.
  • Originally, these windows were utilized to be installed in the vintage style homes. But, due to its aesthetic appeal, it is also getting installed in modern style homes. Also, it has the versatility of getting installed in any portion of the home e.g kitchen, living area.

Disadvantages of Bay Windows 

  • The redesigning or performing window treatment has a complicated process in these windows. As its architecture consists of uncommon configuration making it difficult for the remodeling procedure. You must look for a professional contractor with right skills and experience.
  • The quality of natural light passing in high quantity can also be a disadvantage in the summer season. Make sure to buy those windows having good ratings against solar heat.
  • The cost of bay windows is high as it requires proper structure and architecture. The low cost spent in hiring an inexperienced contractor can result in weak architecture. This can cause a leakage and creak.

The best option to have these windows installed by getting consulted with professional contractors to enjoy all of its benefits. So, don’t hesitate to get these bay windows installed while keeping in mind its disadvantages into consideration according to your home.

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