What Components Does an Ideal Home Kitchen Consist of?

The kitchen was once considered just a place to cook meals for your family. However, today there are so many things that are considered when you plan a kitchen remodel. Whether you are building a new kitchen, remodeling, or just refreshing few elements, you want the heart of your home to look absolutely the best.

When you plan your kitchen remodel, there are a lot of features that you have to think of. Features like cabinetry, floor, islands, stoves, appliances, and many other things make it very difficult to decide what to have in your kitchen. Kitchen remodel is also an expensive task and you don’t want to make any mistake. So, to do your kitchen remodel right the first time, here is everything you should know about the key elements you should have in your kitchen.

1. The Right Design

When people plan their kitchen remodel, they tend to focus more on the accessories rather than the design of their kitchen. A kitchen should look stylish, bright, airy, and it should have a fluent workspace. That’s why choosing the right design for the kitchen is very important. Your kitchen should be designed in such a way that you requires minimum effort and walking distance between the most used parts of your kitchen. This concept is called, working triangle. However, it is not a solid rule that you have to follow at any cost. You can change it if it means that you can add an extra element you really like. The main concept is to have a cooking space that is elegant and practical at the same time.

Components of home kitchen

2. Ample Storage Space

Having sufficient storage in your kitchen is the topmost concern for every homeowner. You have a lot of things in your kitchen and they require a proper place to get stored. So, to keep your kitchen in order, clean, and stressfree, choose the best storage option for your kitchen. From kitchen islands to open shelves, utensil containers, under stair storage, pegboards, luxurious larders, or a pantry, there are many modern storage solutions that can keep your kitchen clutter-free. The most important thing is to have a storage solution that works best with the rest of your kitchen design. Talk with an expert kitchen contractor to have a clear idea about the storage solution that works well in your kitchen.

Components of home kitchen

3. An Amazing Island

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, more than 70 percent of the buyers want an island in the kitchen. A beautiful island adds a lot to the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. So, it is a sound investment to make. As the island will take the central and significant space in your kitchen, think well before making this decision. Island is a multifunctional feature. You can use it as a dining table, a prep station, or even as an extra storage unit. There is a wide range of kitchen islands you can choose from. If you have ample space in your kitchen, you can choose more sophisticated and big islands. However, for a shorter space, go for the islands that have multiple design elements.

Components of home kitchen

4. Beautiful Countertops

A stylish countertop is another feature that helps you achieve a high-end look in your kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot as there are plenty of inexpensive options that can change the overall look of your kitchen. You can choose from hundreds of colors, patterns, styles, and textures. Similarly, there are different countertop materials like quartz, stone, laminate, ceramic, wood, or concrete you can choose for your kitchen. A beautiful countertop not only adds style and elegance to your kitchen but it also had a great impact on the overall value of your home.

5. Stunning Light Fixtures

Lighting is a feature that normally takes the last part on the to-do-list of many homeowners when they plan a kitchen remodel. However, this is the feature that can add a lot to the looks and style of any part of your home. So, illuminate your kitchen with smart overhead, pendant, and undercabinet lights. These light fixtures will add a wow factor to your kitchen. To have maximum effect, you should choose statement fixtures in a central area like the island, dining room, or even on the entrance.

Components of home kitchen

6. Colors Make Big Difference

Beautiful colors play a key role in any part of your room. We are big fans of colors. However, painting is another feature that does not attain proper attention when we plan a kitchen remodel. It is also a design feature that does not put too much burden on your budget. There is a world of choices when it comes to choosing paint for your home. Traditionally, people tend to choose neutral hues for their kitchen. This trend has changed. Experts say if you are looking to add personality to your space, bold hues are the way to go. Choose any shade you like, however, make sure it is in accordance with the overall style of your kitchen.

Components of home kitchen

7. Energy-Efficient Appliances

When you plan your kitchen remodel, appliances are the fun part. As with each passing day technology is getting smarter and more interesting, so are the appliances. There was a time when bigger appliances were considered modern. Now, the scenario has totally changed. You should appliances that fit the design and style of your home. Another important thing is that you should decide on the appliances in the beginning and then plan your kitchen. Always prefer energy-efficient appliances. You can experiment with different colors but it is better to stay in accordance with the overall color scheme.

Components of home kitchen

Since the kitchen is the social point of your home, it is understandable why it is the most important room to remodel. You can bring any change you want in your kitchen. However, it is always better to maintain a balance between style and functionality to have a perfect kitchen for your home.


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Garage Doors-A Simple yet Striking Makeover for Your Home

There are few home improvement projects that can have such a significant effect on the curb appeal of your home than replacing your garage doors.

Every home improvement project has two basic motives. It should enhance the looks and style of your home and it should add to the overall value of your home. Beautiful garage doors can do both. Replacing your garage doors can add character, style, and value to your home. Garage doors come in many styles, material, and designs. That is why it is a bit difficult for many homeowners to pick an option that is effective, easy, and affordable. To make matters simpler here is everything you need to know when you are going to choose the garage doors for your home.

1. Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are available in a number of materials, each has its own merits and demerits. Here is a quick summary of each material so that you can have the right material for your home.


Steel is one of the most popular material for garage doors. They are very affordable, durable, low maintenance, and available in any design you like. You can paint it with any color and there are textures that resemble wood.

Garage doors


Traditionally garage doors were made of wood and it is still one of the top choices for the homeowners. Wood is better at insulation than the steel. There is a wide range you can choose from. However, it requires proper maintenance and refinishing regularly.


Aluminum garage doors are a combination of steel characteristics and optional faux wood texture. It is a light material and less expense than steel. However, it is more likely to get dents.

Wood Composite

Composite wood offers the strength of steel and the looks and textures of wood. It is made with recycled wood fibers and you have the luxury to repaint it with your favorite colors and stain it.


Fiberglass is another material which can be used for garage doors. It consists of panels encased in aluminum frames and it can be painted. However, it can fade from weather exposure.

2. Top Color Choices for Your Garage Door

When you are deciding on the color of your garage door, keep in mind that it should complement your front door. Normally, people focus more on the front doors, however, your garage door makes a strong statement about your home. So, your color selection is very important.


White is by the far the most popular color choice for the garage doors and it surely adds a lot to the curb appeal of your home. The only downside of this classic color is that it can get stains rather easily.

Soft Grey

Grey has become the new trending neutral color for the modern garage doors. Grey is chic, classy, and it has the same brightness as that white does. Another great benefit of grey is that it allows your garage door to blend with the overall color scheme of your home.

Black or Dark Grey

Black has been the favorite color choice for the garage doors for many years and it is still on the top list of many homeowners. Black is actually a classic. You can add unique style to your home with this amazing color. However, it is important to make sure that it works well with the color scheme of your home. It can take your home’s look to a whole new level, or it can look a bit sharp if not done properly.

Garage doors

Beige or Taupe

Sometimes the color scheme of your exterior plays a key role in choosing the color for your garage door. For example, if you have a brick exterior in beige, the best color for your garage doors will be beige or taupe. This beautiful neutral color will help your garage door to blend into the façade of your home.

Walnut Brown

A very sophisticated and elegant neutral that will warm the things up. It has a polished feel to it and it creates an illusion of a very expensive wood door. However, choosing the right brown shade is very important. Always choose walnut brown as other shades of brown can make your home look dated.

3. Add Stylish Hardware

Addition of stylish hardware to your garage door can have an amazing impact on the overall look of your home. It is similar to the addition of sleek hardware to your kitchen or bath cabinets. Add stylish handles and matching spear hinges to your garage door. You can opt for one set or you can mix different pieces. Choose the color in accordance with the color scheme of your doors.

4. Windows can have Wow Effect

You can make a big statement for your garage door update by replacing or adding in new windows. Replace the plastic windows with real glass panels or opt for frosted glass and it will dramatically change the look of your garage door. If you are not satisfied with the size and shape of your windows, change it. However, a professional garage contractor is the right person to do this job for you. If you are not happy to spend too much money, you can utilize your own skills and do a lot of changes.

Garage doors

5. Switch the Door Style

There are a number of ways you can upgrade your garage doors. Sometimes, simple paint is enough or sometimes a little maintenance can do the trick for you. However, if the condition of your garage door is quite bad, it is best to change the style of your door. There are a lot of garage door designs that are quite different from the standard doors. You can go for a carriage style door for your garage. These doors are quite unique and different and they can add a great deal of charm to any style home.

6. Insulate Your Garage Doors to Add More Comfort

People love to spend time in their garages. Homeowners are trying a lot of DIY projects and the garage is the perfect place. So, in cold evenings of winters and warm days of summer, your garage is the best place to take refuge and work on your plans. That is why insulating your garage door is very important. It will provide comfort and make your space more energy efficient. You can hire professionals or take the DIY route to insulate your garage door.

Garage doors

This simple yet striking makeover can add a lot to the style and function of your home. You don’t have to spend a lot, rather this small investment will yield the best returns in the future.

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Don’t be the Next Victim of Unlicensed Home Renovation Contractors

Spring brings the freshness of flowers, the warmth of the sun, and endless opportunities to remodel your home. Similarly, it creates a great opening for the crooked home renovation contractors who roam the U.S in search of victims.

Their prime targets are the areas which are struck by natural disasters like hurricanes and storms and they offer amazing deals on home repairs. They offer to repair your roof, repaint your home, or restore your garden at a price which sounds too great. However, if the contractor is telling you something that is too good to be true, it possibly is!

home renovation contractors

There is a small percentage of the contractors who are bad apples of the renovation industry. However, there are clear telltale signs and red flags that are very easy to spot and you can avoid these con artists and scammers. Let’s see what you should do when crooked home renovation contractors came on your doorstep and offer you an out of this world deal.

1. Red Flags Before the Job Starts

 A Fairytale Start

This whole process is like a fairytale. Suddenly, a vehicle with no names and phone numbers will come to your home and a number of people will come. They will inform you that your roof is in really bad shape and it needs immediate repair. If you don’t act immediately, it will get worse and you will be in great trouble. A dreadful scenario. They will offer you a simple and very economical solution at the same time. Sometimes, people do get caught in their trap and agreed to them. Never do this. Never take immediate decisions when it is related to any type to repair or remodeling.

home renovation contractors

Shabby Equipment

A company that is a fly-by-night outfit does not focus too much on their working equipment. They will have a poor personal appearance, shoddy tools, broken equipment, and poorly maintained vehicles. A good home renovation contractor loves his job and the things related to his work. The presentation and condition of contractors equipment is a good indication that how professional he is and how well he will take care of you and your job.

Special Low Price

Special low price for a repair job is a great way to attract people. Some home renovation contractors will offer you a price that even you are not anticipating. Again, if something sounds too good to be true, it is mostly right. Such a lowest bidding contractor is either clueless of the job and its requirements or he is not willing to complete the job. Such type of contractors will not look carefully on the job and you should notice these minor details to avoid scammers.

Cheap Materials

Wow. Everybody wants to save money during their remodeling or repair projects and cheap materials are a great way to save money. Crooked contractors exploit this weakness of the homeowners and offer you leftover materials from a previous job at a low price, watch out. Small contractors rarely buy materials in great volumes and carry it with them. If they have materials from their previous job, it means that they have misjudged the required material for that job and it is a bad sign. So, never buy something from a person who comes to your home like this.

Limited Time Offers

Scam home renovation contractors have another trick in their sleeves, limited time offers for a job. They will offer you a price and attach it with a short time frame. It puts more pressure on the homeowner to react immediately and make a decision. Again a big red flag. Resist it. Take your time to research and ask for advice from friends and family. Never signs any paper in a hurry as it will bring headaches for you in the future.

2. Red Flags During the Job

A fake contractor’s shady behavior will become more evident once the job has started. Issues will start to happen. Homeowners think that they have signed a contract and things will be sorted out, but it never happens. So, if you see some of the following things, act immediately.

home renovation contractors

Material Prices have Gone Up

If your contractor comes to you and claims that the materials are costing more than he thought, stop him right away. There is some type of contracts which have flexibility for the price hikes, otherwise, the contractor has to manage it. If the concerns are genuine then you should initiate and sign off on a change order that can alter the scope of the work.

Stick to Your Contract

Unlicenced and fake home renovation contractors don’t follow the contract they have signed off. They always find ways to get more payments and compromise on quality. Sometimes, they ask payments to an earlier date to manage cash flow. Insist on sticking to the terms and conditions agreed upon. It is common mistakes that the contractors make, but it is their responsibility to manage it.

Low-Quality Materials

Some contractors decide on one material in the beginning and when the work starts, they change to subpar materials. If you notice such a change in the materials, immediately call the contractor. They can scam you by using 3/8-inch ply instead of 5/8-inch plywood, or a 2-inch layer of gravel instead of specified 4-inch layer. Always check the materials and quality of work and take notice of any wrongdoing.


Every contractor employs a number of subcontractors and suppliers. If you start receiving calls from the subcontractors and suppliers, confront your contractor. Make sure that before you issue your final payment to your contractor when you are fully satisfied with the final walk-through. When you make the final payment, the work is considered done. So, make a checklist of important things to figure out everything is completed as per your satisfaction.

3. Document Everything

Fake renovation contractors will try their best to avoid any written contract. They will try to convince you to believe in their verbal conversations. Never trust any verbal guarantee or agreement. Always keep everything from duration, payment schedule, and materials used in the job in writing. It will bound your contractor to fulfill his job and saves you from a lot of headaches in the future.

home renovation contractors

Qualified home renovation contractors play a vital role in your remodeling project. So, be very wise and do proper research when you are going to make the decision. You will face many crooked persons looking to scam you, however, look for red flags mentioned above to avoid becoming their next victim.

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4 Important Decisions for Perfect Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel is one of the best renovation projects to increase the worth of your home. It is on top of all the renovations that homeowners take on every year, as a bathroom in good shape do not only facilitate them but it also adds value to the home. However, this is not an easy task. There are several little but important decisions which can contribute big to the process. Continue reading “4 Important Decisions for Perfect Bathroom Remodel”

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