Aluminum Windows; Pros, Cons & tips

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When you are looking to replace windows in your home, it’s important to review all the options available in the market. It’s a longstanding debate that which one of them is better, but you should get acknowledged by the pros and cons of the window types which would be helpful to take the decision of window installation.

Here, we will guide you on the number of advantages of aluminum windows along with issues or problems it brings in your home after the installation.

Pros of Aluminum Windows

  • The surface of the aluminum window requires less maintenance than that of the wooden windows which makes it a favorable option for the homeowners. Moreover, it also has an anodized finish which provides a corroding-free nature of windows in your home.
  • The weight of the aluminum windows is much lighter than the other types of windows available in the market. This results in easy installation and flexible to replace and move from one place to other.
  • The shape and design of these windows can be designed according to the choice and desire of the homeowners. Its material can be manipulated easily by the windows contractors which is essential in the development of the custom designs. Therefore, they are available in unusual shape in the market.
  • The home gets insulated in an effective way by supporting a large piece of glass with its structure. This means the energy bills will go down due to less usage of the HVAC appliances in the summer.
  • It has an affordable price which makes it a cost-effective option for the homeowners. Moreover, since it requires less maintenance and easy installation, homeowners have to spend less budget over them as compared to other window types.
  • Aluminum is the long-lasting material as a product which is also shown in the window category. Hence, the aluminum window has a durable nature which is expanded through its nature of being highly resistant to the harmful environmental elements.

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Cons of Aluminum Windows

  • Moisture has the worst impacts over the surface of the aluminum window. This will affect the frame of the windows heavily which will require the replacement of it soon.
  • The aluminum window is generally water resistant in nature and resists its side-effects superbly. However, it is not recommended for the homes near the beach because its surface can get corrosion due to salt water and sea air around the area.
  • In winter, its surface may not perform up to the mark due to the heat loss during the cold climates. This will result in higher usage of heating appliances to maintain the temperature for a comfortable experience.
  • The appearance and the look of the aluminum window are generally not as good as that of the wooden or vinyl windows in your home.
  • The frame in the aluminum windows is generally prone to the oxidation process of the atmosphere. It causes the frame to rust over the time and will be responsible for the white residue formation over its surface.
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Tips to maintain Aluminum Windows

For the better performance of the aluminum windows in your home, windows contractors suggest you following ideas and measures to be applied over these windows.

  • For the improve the optimal performance of the aluminum windows, keep it sure that you clean all the cylindrical locks of it regularly and apply light lubricating oil over it.
  • To avoid sticking in the tracks, brush out all the dirt from it using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment to this.
  • The appearance of the older frames can be improved by applying a detergent solution over its surface. Moreover, wipe down the frames from top to down during the cleaning procedure.
  • The glass of the windows of any form is the most notable thing from the naked eye. Therefore, its cleaning must be done regularly in order to protect it from dirt and environmental hazards affecting its appearance.

How often it should be maintained?

It depends upon the atmosphere and climate of your location. For instance, if your home is situated near the coast then you have to inspect the aluminum windows of your home monthly. However, in normal conditions, it can be done after the 6 months for better results and appearance.

In any home, windows are its one of the most essential feature of the home, however, if it is not properly maintained it can lower done its overall worth. Furthermore, the choice of the windows among the options is very important to add the curb appeal of the home.

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