Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy

solar energy

Solar energy is attained through sunlight. According to the recent researches made, the energy provided by the sun to the surface of the earth can be enough for one year of global energy demands. Therefore, it has become one of the most discussed and researched topics.

Here, I will present you some of its most significant advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • The most important benefit of solar energy is its renewable nature. The world can never run out of it. The scientists have mentioned that the sun is going to be available to us for the next 5 billion years. Hence, the concern of ending up the energy is of no use right now.
  • The world is witnessing a great threat from global warming and traditional energy production is a major reason behind it. However, harnessing solar energy has no threats to the rising temperature of the world.
  • Solar energy, other than reducing electricity bills, also offers low maintenance costs to the homeowners. It only requires cleaning service twice a year which you can get from home renovation contractors at affordable rates.
  • Solar panels installed for harnessing the solar energy has a durable nature. Moreover, its availability in all parts of the world makes it a popular choice.
  • It can be utilized for diverse purposes. Other than generating electricity, it produces thermal energy too. In recent times, it is also integrated into building materials.

solar energy

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Although the solar energy can also be attained in the cloudy weather, still, its efficiency decreases. Therefore, due to its weather dependent nature, it is not the top choice of homeowners.
  • It requires an energy storage system due to its unavailability in the night time. This storage system is very expensive and requires replacing of features after regular intervals.
  • Solar panels don’t work with every type of the roof designs and structure. The shading and the roof orientation has a significant importance in its working.
  • In the end, it is much costly to buy a  quality solar panel for its efficient working. Moreover, you cannot install it yourself and need the service of a well-skilled and experienced worker.

To conclude, the advantages of the solar energy are attractive and beneficial for the homeowners, however, it is recommended to overview its weaknesses according to your conditions.

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