Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioner

portable air conditioner

Are you finding it difficult to install or maintain your window or split AC? In this scenario, the option of the portable air conditioner is the perfect choice for you.  These ACs are available in the market over the course of and have been growing in popularity because of the numerous benefits they provide to the homeowners.

Here, we will guide you about these portable air conditioner in detail.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioner

Let’s examine and inspect at some of its advantages first.

  • The major reason for their popularity and usage is their economic affordability. Its purchasing and billing costs are way less than the traditional window types.
  • You will find it amazing when you get to know that this appliance can be used right after taking out from the packing. There is no requirement for fixing any stuff during its installation. You just have to create a duct vent for the passage of condensed air.
  • It’s convenient and portable nature attracts people who are living in rented homes. They often look for the stuff that is easy to get shifted and transported. Therefore, because of built-in casters, its movement is easy.
  • While comparing to other ac types, it is the most energy efficient ones. You can target a specific area to get it cool in less time than the window ac.
  • The bonus advantage it provides is that it dehumidifies air in its environment. It helps you to keep avoid any allergies while keeping the humidity level low. It is medically researched that high humidity level produces a lot of allergens the such as molds.portable air conditioner

Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioner

  • This portable air conditioner produces noise much more than the windows or split air conditioner. For people, who find it difficult to sleep in the noise, this situation can be hard to tolerate.
  • The low humidity bonus advantage requires some efforts too. As the reduced moisture is passed out in form of water, the need to discard water must be handled carefully. AC should be placed near the window or duct vent so that water can be released easily out.
  • There are two features that assert limitations on the placement of these ACs; water management as discussed above and the plug-in system. This easy to install AC must be placed where it can be plugged comfortably. This results in changing your position near the place of AC.

In the end, it is advised to you go through all the features and services these portable ACs provide to the homeowners. Take your decision wisely and according to your requirements.

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