Advantages and Disadvantages of Casement Windows

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casement Windows

Compared to the popular windows out there like sliders and double-hung windows, Casement Windows does seem romantic at first glance. That’s the reason, homeowners tend to choose these windows which offer more durability, affordability and reliability as well.

Even if there are any of the disadvantages of Casement Windows, they are considered the second most watertight window. Some people really like this type of window. However, there are few things which are disliked about them by homeowners.

So before you make your decision, let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of a Casement Window:



If you want a window that prevents air infiltration then the second best option is a Casement Window. Fixed windows are the most weathertight window.

2- Easy to clean the inside screens:

You can pull out the screen from the inside and clean it; if the casement window is on the second story or higher.

3- It forces more air into the house:

The Casement Window can force more air into the house as the opened sash can act as a kind of chute.

Now let’s look at disadvantages:


1- Potential of mechanical parts breaking up:

There is some sort of crank in a casement window and there are always chances of breaking when you use it to open and close the sash.

2- Open Casements are more exposed to elements:

As casements open outward, they are more exposed to the sun, rain or snow. And the top edge is the most prone to get weatherbeaten fast.

3- Open Casements can Break:

If you accidentally leave your casement windows open prior to a windstorm, then the wind can catch the leading edge of the casement and break them.

4- Conventional A/C units will not fit:

A casement window does not allow you to fit an air conditioner window unit. Also, it does not allow you to install the window unit.

5- More Expense on Your Window Unit A/C:

So when you are not able to install a cheap window unit A/C in the $200 range, you will be forced to spend around 3 times more.

6- Sometimes Sun reflection can bother you:

Due to the angle of the opened sash, it can reflect the sun directly into your home. However, it can be good if the room is gloomy. But bad if the killer sun reflection is bothering you.

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