A Simple Guide To Maintain Your Home Windows

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Windows are an essential part of our living rooms. They’re the main source of ventilation, giving us fresh air to breathe in the morning and beautiful sunshine to start our day off. We are not much concerned about their maintenance as they usually last for decades. But, they still are a component that is under our usage, and it needs maintenance with time.

These are 5 tips you can follow to maintain your home windows:

Clean them regularly

Cleaning a window is no big task and should be done daily. Dust particles, moisture, and other substances present in the air can slowly decay the structure of windows. Sometimes, the glass of window gets stains. To counter this, clean it with a glass cleaning agent. If you are living in a humid environment, there’s a grave possibility that your windows have got molds on glass boundaries. In that case, it is recommended that you contact local window contractors. They can clean it precisely and can let you know how to prevent it from showing up again. They can also tell if it is widespread and needs some other treatments as well.

Inspect the Seal

The rubber seal on the borders of windows is one of an important component that prevents the air and water from coming inside. With the passage of time and exposure to extreme weather changes, the sealant holding the rubber becomes weak and may damage the rubber as well. See if the seal needs to be changed. You may hire a handyman for this repair as it won’t cost much.

Window Replacement

The average lifespan of a window is around twenty years. After that period, some parts of a window may need replacement or repairing. The good thing about a window is, not all parts of it give up at once. It means you may have to replace only a few parts. See for any cracks in the window glass. The glass must be replaced immediately by a professional contractor, as it is a delicate material and can injure someone. Other than that, check if its locks, latches or hinges needs repairing.

Repaint them

The window frames are a sturdy component, but the paint starts to wear off after some time. It is recommended that you paint your window frames after every five years. Always use paint that can last long and withstand weather changes. Because paint not only enhances the looks of your window but can act as a protective layer for your frame and can prevent them from aging fast. If you have vintage style wooden frames, you can get them polished as it cleans them, increase their strength, and lifespan.

Add Blinds or Snap-Ins

Adding blinds or shades to your windows will act as extra insulation. In warm days, they’ll prevent extra heat from coming inside and can trap warmth in a room from escaping during winters. Some windows have a pre-installed snap-in. If you wish to enhance the look of your home, you can add fabric curtains of your choice. With the right choice of color and design, it can uplift the feel of your room.

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Windows must be regularly maintained as they are a vital element of your home. Maintaining windows is pretty cost-effective if done on regular basis. You can do most of the adjustments yourself, or you can call in a professional contractor for home improvement ideas as they can get your windows fixed and can advise you if your home needs any add-ons or redesigning.

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