A 5 Step Guide to Replace a Broken Window Pane

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Windows are the feature that beautifies your home and keep it fresh and bright. Your windows keep you connected with the outside world.

Now, what happens when an errant baseball hits your window, disoriented bird clashes or a hailstorm hits your town, window panes do get broken. This is a problem which requires your immediate attention. Broken glass can cause harm to your feet and it will disrupt the beautiful looks of your home. Now, to repair the broken window, what you should do? Should you call the pros or acquire local handyman services? Wait! There is no need to call the big guns right away. Replacing a broken window pane is not that big deal and you can utilize your own skills to tackle this problem.

To make matters a little simpler, here are important steps to replace the broken window pane that will guide you through your repair project.

1. Remove the Broken Glass

The first thing is to remove the window pane from its frame. There are glazier’s points which hold the glass with the wood frame and they are covered by the glazing compound. Remove the glazing compound with a putty knife. It will come off in large chunks. Now, remove the glazier’s points with the help of a plier, screwdriver, or a knife. Remove all the broken glass from the window frame.

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2. Clean and Repair the Frame

You have removed the broken glass from the pane, well done. Next step is to clean the frame and repair any wear and tear. Use a razor scraper or a chisel to scrape down the section of the frame from where you remove the glass. Be gentle to avoid any damage to the wood. Smooth the wood with sandpaper and apply linseed oil or a wood sealant on the frame.

3. Cut the Window Glass

Take exact measurements of the window as you have to cut the window glass according to the size of the window. A hardware store can cut the glass for you or you can do it by yourself with the help of a simple glass cutter. What you have to do is to put the glass on a clean flat surface, mark the cutting line with a permanent marker and then score the cutting line with the glass cutter. The main thing is to be very careful while taking measurements.

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4. Installing the Glass

Make long thin ropes of the glazing putty and put these ropes into the L channels of the window where you will put the glass. Place the glass in the frame resting on the putty. Put two glazier’s points in the bottom corner of the window. Drive these points with a little force so that they can adjust to their position. Install 2 glazier’s points per side and it will hold the pane to the frame.

window pane

5. Finishing and Cleaning

Take more glazing compound thin ropes and force them into each side of the window frame. Use the putty knife to force the glazing compound into the L-channel of your window frame. It will seal the window and fasten the glass into the frame. Let the glazing compound dry and harden as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. Paint the glazing compound and any exposed wood part with a quality paint to have proper finishing.

Things do get damaged in any home. However, there are always simple ways to repair them. All you need is to assess the situation carefully and trust your abilities. You will be amazed to see how simple it is to repair many things like the broken glass of your window. However, if you are not a DIYer it is recommended to hire a handyman who can tackle the issue professionally.

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