8 Flooring Ideas for a Busy Entryway

entryway floor

Residential flooring takes most of the abuse of everyday activities. An ideal flooring for the home should be attractive and able to handle all the traffic and daily hazards.

The part of your home which has the opportunity to set the first strong impression on the visitors is your entryway.  It’s the part of your house which suffers a lot of traffic, dust, moisture, and mud every day. When it comes to select the floor for your entryway, it demands an attractive, eco-friendly and durable flooring which can address all these issues. Moreover, it should be easy to clean and maintain.

As you know, the first impression of anything is very important and it lasts for a long time. So, your entryway should be functional and elegant at the same time. To have both these, here are some amazing flooring ideas that will serve the purpose.

1. Floor Paints

If your wooden floor in the entryway has become too outdated and dull and you don’t have the budget to replace it, refresh it with paint and stencil. Use patio paint and it will create the surface which is durable, colorful, and can handle the heavy traffic. However, be careful about the use of oil paints as it can pollute indoors. Instead, use water-based paints which give long-term protection without the dangers of harmful fumes.

entryway floor

2. Cement Tiles for Floor

Cement tiles for the entryway floor is a great flooring option to choose for your home. There are a number of patterns and styles available. These beautiful tiles are made from Portland white cement which is a combination of marble, colorants, and limestone. Different patterns on the tiles are created by the natural colorants. Have a contrast by choosing a yellow or blue color for the door. Add a soft bench alongside the wall and a perfect setting is ready to impress your guests.

entryway floor

3. Polished Concrete Floors

The polished concrete floor is a very economical and easy to clean flooring option that will have the alluring first impression. There are a number of advantages to these floors. They are highly durable, beautiful, and cheap to install. Another advantage is the maintenance of the floor. Minor problems like small cracks which will ruin your tile or wood floor look even beautiful on the polished concrete floor.

entryway floor

4. Beautiful Slate Tiles

Slate tiles for entryway flooring is a very favorable flooring option for the local flooring contractors. It has a great impact on the décor and style of your home. Slate tiles are made from natural stone. They are very durable, charming, and available in different shapes which allow you to have unique patterns. Slate tiles not only have stunning looks but it has a positive impact on the overall value of your home.

entryway floor

5. Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for the areas where there are more rains. Porcelain is stronger and stains resistant than the ceramic tiles and this property makes it a more suitable option for the heavy traffic areas like the entryway. These tiles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They create amazing visual appeal while protecting your home from muddy and wet shoes.

entryway floor

6. Hardwood Flooring

A very beautiful flooring option for the entryway is the hardwood flooring. French oak hardwood is a very durable and resistant material which was previously used for shipbuilding. Hardwood is beautiful and stylish but it needs some extra protection. It is naturally resistant to rot and a number of coats of waterproof sealer will guard it against the moisture.

entryway floor

7. Shale Stone Floor

It looks strange to have shale stones as a flooring option. They can break easily but this disadvantage can be managed. It is a very economical and DIY friendly flooring option for your entryway. To prevent shale stones from breaking, pack them in a mortar and it will keep them safe from breaking and chipping. Use bold colored stones and lay them with mortar. Let them dry for some time and then grout them. You will have amazing looks of the shale stones with durability.

entryway floor

8. Vinyl Wallpaper

Yes, to hide an unattractive laminate floor, you can use a wallpaper. However, not with an ordinary wallpaper. A removable and sticky vinyl wallpaper will be the best option for this purpose. Vinyl wallpapers are very easy to clean and maintainable. Unlike other wallpapers, you don’t need the paste or glue to install the vinyl wallpapers. They come with the sticky options and their installation is very simple. You can revamp the look of your entryway economically and without the requirement of professionals.

entryway floor

Decoration Accessories for The Entryway

There are a number of flooring options for the entryway of your home that will have a strong visual effect. Besides these, there many other features that should be arranged which will bring the true potential of your entryway in view of style and aesthetics. A sleek bench lying next to the wall with a basket to keep the scarves and hats will be wonderful. Artistic hooks to hang the coats, dog leashes and the keys will complement the overall looks of your home.

Important Things to Focus

Entryways are a very important part of your home. whether you have a wide space or a narrow area, there are a number of things that your entryway should have. It should be in the continuity with the whole home. Floors are not the only thing which makes it or breaks it. Choose the shoe racks, hooks to hang the coats and scarves, and design of your walls very intelligently.

The entryway is the first space which anybody coming in the room will experience. It is very important to have such a décor and tone that should correlate with the rest of the home. However, for the flooring, you should choose a perfect flooring material that is resistant to moisture, durable, and stylish at the same time. As your entryway will take a lot of the abuse so the floor should be worthy of coping it.

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