7 Ways to Show Off Your Game Of Thrones Obsession in Your Home

Game of Thrones

People look for inspiration in every aspect of their lives and it is no different when they plan to renovate their homes. It can be from anywhere like professional renovation contractors of home, a friend’s home, a magazine, a movie, or even from a tv series.

People love movies and the blockbusters like Star Wars can grab the attention of millions for many many years. However, there is no other series that has so much versatility regarding the story, characters, locations, and more importantly the beautiful interiors and exteriors than the Game Of Thrones.

There are so amazing and beautiful interiors that you immediately want to replicate them in your home. Beautiful paint colors, bedroom styles, meeting halls, and kitchens can make you obsessed with it. Now to bring this obsession into reality, here are some ways you can bring the Game of Thrones style to your home.

1. Spruce Up Your Room with G.O.T Wallart

For a Game of Throne enthusiast like you, a very simple way to add the theme into your home is to use Game of Throne Wallart. Walls are a very prominent feature of a house and you can spice it up with a beautiful Westeros Map or other house flags. It will stand out from the rest of the room. Similarly, each house has its own philosophy and you can decorate your room with your favorite GOT house. This trend is going to stay and you will love the looks of your room for a long time.

Game of Thrones


2. GOT Themed Wall Clock

Another simple yet effective feature to have in your room. Keep your time in check with a beautiful GOT Themed wall clock. They will look amazing and become an eye-catching feature in your room. There are a lot of customizations and you can choose any of your favorite characters and add them to your interiors.

Game of Thrones

3. Adorn Your Couch with GOT Cushions

The best way to celebrate the new season of GOT is to add some gorgeous GOT textile-like pillow cushions, curtains, or doormats. Add your favorite quotes, mottos, and other stuff to it and it will accentuate your home décor.

Game of Thrones

4. Light Your Way with the Dragon Sconce

You have seen the mythical Marshgate Castle and the dragon trophies lining its echoing chambers. Bring the same glory into your home by the intricately sculpted dragon that stands on the wall and holds a glass orb from its mouth. It is a very simple yet amazing feature to bring the GOT theme into your home.

Game of Thrones

5. Bring Gloomy and Dark Baratheon Theme in Your Home

King Robert was a pleasure seeker and his gloomy and dark house has a lot of stone and wood interiors. These elements are best for a dark colored room like a bathroom or living room.

Game of Thrones

Bring the Baratheon theme into your home with the black and gold color range. It will have a dramatic impact on your interiors. Add luxurious metallic accents to have a home of royal style.

Game of Thrones

6. Choose Appealing Décor of House Targaryen

Targaryen House is all about colorful and tribal art, light, ethnic accessories, and colorful rugs. Now to embrace the power of the dragon, you will need candle lights and a lot of them. These amazing features are best at grabbing attention. Choose the contrast of dark red and coal black and it will bring the fiery feel to your décor. When it comes to furniture, opt for golden metallics in statement décor as the combination suits best for the Mother of dragons.

Game of Thrones

7. Get Flamboyant and Stylish Touch of House Martell

Martells are the fierce and natural fighters and even then he had one of the more stylish houses in the Game Of Thrones. The beautiful castle is open, airy, and well light with the natural light. Martell’s house is all about Marrakesh style with wild colors, rich textures, and handcrafted décors. Now for Martell lovers like you, opt for the statement decors like chairs and lighting fixtures and it will make a big statement. However, contrast pieces of gold and silver, copper and bronze. Choosing the right color is the key as if you have the right color scheme, the rest will follow.

Game of Thrones

The struggle for the Iron Throne has fascinated the fantasy enthusiasts since the release of its first book and the fanbase has just grown even bigger after the television debut. With every new season, there is always a surge of collectibles, styles, and interior decoration ideas that has captivated millions of people. Don’t hesitate this season to apply one of the above-mentioned ideas in your home and bring the much-loved Game Of Thrones theme in your home.

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