7 Things You should Know for Wood Floor Refinishing

wood floor refinishing

As we all know that wood floor has tough, shiny and beautiful nature, which makes it an ideal choice for the family. However, with the time wood floor refinishing is required to bring out the best performance. This is known to be its best quality that the wooden floor can get back to it its attractive look through the refinishing process. However, the process should be completed carefully for good results. Therefore, you must consider the following points before the refinishing process starts.

Is your Floor exposed to Dust?

It is a common thing to understand that the dust and dirt impact the look and appearance of the floor very badly. However, it should also be in your notice that it also exerts effects over the structure of the floor. When homeowners or hired professional track them ou then one can witness that dust and dirt both leave scratches over the wooden floor which makes it dull. Although it may seem to be a difficult task for renewing the dull surface in reality, fortunately, it is a straight forward job to get the lost shine back. In the future, try to protect your wooden floor from these hazardous substances.

If you require a full refinishing?

Depending upon the condition of the floor, homeowner’s can take the decision of partial refinishing to save the costs. For instance, if your floor doesn’t comprise of any kind of the deep gouges and it’s finished hasn’t completely worn out then one can surely manage to get the things done without full refinishing. It helps you not only in cost ways but also in time duration. In the above case mentioned, the existing finish will be lightly sanded and the new finsih would be right applied over the affected areas. However, homeowners are recommended to take services from a professional for the inspection of a floor.

What’s the best finish? 

The era of shiny glossy finish has passed by and are replaced by matte finish. However, experts in the field recommend matte wood floor refinishing to be not durable with time also require higher maintenance services. Homeowners also have the option of medium sheen in this regard. Apart from these finishing options, there are products that do the job without sanding. For example ” Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver” will refresh the wooden floor whom impact can last up to the 6 months. While selecting the ideal finishing product, flooring contractors suggest choosing the one that has the ability to cop light scratches and soften small dings.

Think about Color

If the wooden floor possesses a deep and rich color then keep in your mind that it is not its original color. It means that stain was applied over the surface at the tie of installation or during any of the previous refinishes. Stain does not get impact by the process of screening of the floor but if you go for full refinishing then the stain will be removed from the surface. Therefore, after the process, the color will be much lighter in appearance then it was before. To match the original color you can get it stained. However, you also have the luxury to get the new color according to your taste and style with the current trends in the market.

wood floor refinishing

Cost Factors

When the homeowners are looking to refinish thier floor then they must know what costs will be invested during the project. The product required during the process such as industrial sander or polyurethane will be expensive. Moreover, most of the times services are taken from the professional flooring contractors for wood floor refinishing. Apart from this, you may found some damaged area which needs extra repairing for the better look. According to the estimates, the job generally costs about $3 to $7 per square foot. Hence, homeowner’s should plan in advance to avoid any problem in the future scenario regarding the budget.

When It is Ideal to Refinish?

Even the best available wooden floor in the market require some serious maintenance work. Besides, the obvious reasons like scratches or worn in shape, homeowners should also focus on some other things which are very important. For instance, You should make it sure that there is a 1/32 inch of wood on your floor’s surface. If not, then it is probably better for homeowners to replace the wood floor. Moreover, locating the high foot traffic area and their special treatment is also a good strategy to ensure the long-life of the wooden floor. For the worn out floors without severe damage, only sanding can prove beneficial.

Plan to Move Out

Homeowners would require to leave the place as they are not allowed to walk over the finish when it is in wet condition. According to the experts, sanding takes a day or two to dry out, however, the stain if you apply and coats of finishes will need more time to dry out. Nevertheless, if the weather conditions are sunny then it can get quickly dried otherwise it may take few days. In the end, keep in your mind that at least three to seven days will be taken by the process to be successfully completed. Therefore, during these days, you need to stay outside so that you can stay comfortably and do not waste the progress by walking over the floor.

How is the refinishing process overall?

The decision wood floor refinishing is a very tough act to take and complete. It’s totally inconvenient in nature and the process will force you to take out all the furnishings present all over the home. As already mentioned, you may require to move out too. Moreover, heavy weather can also make things tougher for you. Therefore, take your decision with all these things in mind.

The popularity of wooden floors of any type is increasing with the time among the homeowners. Although, it seems to be a great option it requires regular maintenance in various to keep its appearance attractive. Hence, when your are installing it in your home make sure you know all the pros and cons regarding it with keeping your conditions in mind.

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