7 Perfect Features to Get in Love with your Bathroom

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7 Perfect Features to Get in Love with your Bathroom

Bathroom turns out to be the most restful space for people that are tired up due to routine daily activities. Therefore, it is necessary for you to bring in the most luxurious features that will provide you with the required comfort level in the bathroom. Here, with the collaboration of professional bathroom contractors, we will provide you bathroom remodeling options that you would love to invest instantly in.  

To be able to create an environment in the bathroom which provides you maximum enjoyment and convenience, invest in those features that have multiple benefits after the installation.

Heated Ceramic Tile Flooring

Bathroom floor trends can never miss the enduring ceramic tiles which are the number 1 choice of the consumers according to home renovation surveys. However, in winter it can cause issues as it gets extremely cold. This problem can be resolved by placing thin electric radiant mats which do not have any impacts upon the floor level. This is termed to be much more effective than the forced heating system and cause you fewer energy bills. In the winter, it will be a must feature to have if your choice is ceramic tile flooring.

Walk-in Shower

The popularity among the homeowners regarding walk-in-shower is increasing for the right reasons. The reasons behind it start from the extended space and easy cleaning option. Moreover, it helps people on the wheelchair to complete the bathroom activities without any extra help. Apart from this, you must hire a professional bathroom contractor as it is not an easy job to install the curbless shower.

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Quartz Countertop

The quartz countertops are a preferred choice over other materials due to a combination of aesthetic appearance and resistant attribute towards the stains. It withstands the test of time and it’s appearance never gets old. Furthermore, its surface doesn’t let bacteria to lodge its actions. Due to these reasons, it requires minimum maintenance from the homeowners which saves them lots of costs in the end. Hence, it becomes an automatic choice for you in pursuit of elegance with durability in countertops.

Motion-Activated Faucet

Recommended by the international institutions, it is an impressive feature to have in your bathroom with a number of benefits in the pocket. First, it reduces the waste of water as it runs only when the motion detectors sense something under it. It also comes in form of single-hole which is concurrent to a transitional style. As the bathroom one of the key factors in raising the worth of your home, single-hole motion activated faucets are an impressive addition to have.

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Humidity-Controlled Exhaust Fan

The standard building code requires you to have an exhaust fan or operable windows for the comfort humidity level in the bathroom. However, the new model exhaust fans are available that is comprised of the switch which turns its functions on to sense the humidity level. It gets automatically switched on when the humidity level is high and similarly shuts off when the level goes down. For the better results, make it sure that vent the fan to the outside according to the guide of bathroom contractors.

Sliding Barn Door

As the bathroom floor and space is an issue which gets more noticed when the door covers it too. Therefore, the sliding door is an ideal option for you which is easier to open and is flexible in design. Correspondingly, it provides more storage space in the bathroom. The bathroom looks also get revamped with a sense of modern features through this sliding barn door. Its costs are relatively high and are sensitive in nature which ends it to be a costly investment for the homeowners.

Calm Colors

It’s always cooler to be along the lines of trends, but the bathroom can be an exception. Most bathrooms are found to be in classic appearance but you should opt for a colorful and stylish one for creating an attractive look for the eyesight. For this, you have the option of color pallet wall surface which will end boringness in your bathroom. However, it must be in your mind that the permanent surfaces such as countertops should have calm and soothing colors.

Besides the selection of the features, hiring the best possible bathroom contractors is also very important. The perfect finishes of the features, if not done properly, would waste your investment. Besides this, as the bathroom is a most used area in the home, plan its remodeling for all the seasons of the year.

Hope, these ideas provide you the required style and comfort in your bathroom.

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