6 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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The eco-friendly materials in the home construction process are gaining immense popularity. The manufacturers are looking to build products that are good for the environment. The field of flooring is also impacted by this phenomenon and people are looking to install eco-friendly materials for making energy efficient. Take a look at following suggestions which are most well-liked by homeowners according to the local floor contractors.

Cork Flooring

It is termed to be newly introduced flooring material for the home. The cork is originated from the bark of an oak tree which itself is a renewable source. As a surface, it possesses anti-microbial properties to remove allergen from the floor. Furthermore, cork is highly resistant to the fire and homeowners do not need to worry about insects as it is impervious to their settling.

Bamboo flooring

It is a hardwood resembling flooring option whom the demand is increasing among the homeowners. However, it is much durable and easy to install in the home than a hardwood floor. It is eco-friendly in nature because the material is collected from natural vegetation that takes less than 5 years for maturity. Moreover, its customization in styling also establishes it as an attractive option for homeowners.

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Glass Tiles

Have you ever thought where are wine and beer bottles utilized that are delivered to the recycler? They are transformed into beautiful glass tiles that are installed not only on floors but in kitchen walls due to aesthetic appearance. Local floor contractors are also recommending to be as a wonderful option because they can be well maintained and have nos issues related to the stains.

Wool Carpet

A carpet of any type is considered to be a smooth surface to sit on and walk bare-footed. However, in the past, carpets were made up of organic compounds that are usually harmful to the environment and atmosphere. However, you have some eco-friendly options available in the market too. Wool is made up of renewable product which is transformed into the carpet through certain techniques.

Rubber Surface

It is a form of flooring that is excellent for the gym and playing surfaces where the threat of accidentally falling over the surface is more. It is built from the recycled tires which are the inexhaustible source. In recent times, it is also seen to be installed in other rooms of the home as an alternative option which costs less.

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Leather Material

It is a flooring option you may not have heard before. Nevertheless, a warmer feel under the foot provides you with a great feeling to the homeowners. It is termed to be perfect over the areas like the bathroom where the moisture is high and has minimum foot traffic. It is derived from the center-most part of the cowhide. Moreover, it is durable in nature and can be maintained for a long time.

In the end, you must take services from the best local contractors to have professional installation and maintenance of the floor. However, choose the material according to the conditions of your home.

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