6 Home Improvement Projects That are Worth the Investment

home improvement

6 Home Improvement Projects That are Worth the Investment

It is common among homeowners to desire for a home upgraded with the latest trends. Unfortunately, renovation is expensive especially when new trends are emerging every day. Even DIY renovation projects cannot be performed free. That is why it is very important to plan your renovation wisely, to yield the best results and save your investment.

We have talked to a few expert home improvement contractors in Orlando, to know about the renovations which are worth the investment and can increase the overall value of your home.

  1. Improve the Functioning of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and any upgrade improving its functionality pays off. According to annual 2018 Cost vs. Value report of a credible remodeling magazine, you can recoup up to 80 % of your investment on kitchen remodeling. However, spending $80,000 on the kitchen in a $125,000 home is not a wise decision.

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While remodeling an area of the home, start with the small items first. In the kitchen, you need to start with replacing old faucets, hardware, and old light fixtures with the modern energy efficient lightings. These small changings can immediately create a big difference in the overall look of kitchens.

  1. Refinishing of Old Floor

Refinishing of an old hardwood floor can instantly give your old home a current look of 2019. Refinishing should be done with the help of professional flooring contractors in Orlando as hardwood consist of layers which can be damaged if not handled carefully.  Hardwood is a great selling point for any home, hence spending money on its maintenance is worth doing.

  1. Revamp Your Bathroom

The bathroom is also a great place to recoup your investment at the time of selling. According to an estimate, bathroom remodeling can return up to 90 % of its total investment. Like the kitchen, you also need to start from the minor things such as light fixtures, painting and refinishing of the bathtub. A stylish new mirror and modern lighting can instantly reshape your bathroom without breaking the bank.

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  1. Enhance Curb Appeal

Your outdoor creates the first feel about your home, and it lasts longer. Revive your curb appeal and make your first impression pleasant and everlasting. Outdoor living spaces are more desirable these days among potential buyers as people want to stay and enjoy their free time at home.

Adding a new front door is the first and simple thing to enhance curb appeal. Add as many plants, trees, and bushes in outdoor as you can. Keep your lawn clean and add a beautiful deck if it suits your budget. A well maintained and beautiful outdoor is top on improvement projects as per cost vs. value reports.

  1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

If you want to upgrade your home to increase its worth, the most important task is to make your home energy efficient. Potential buyers notice this at first. If there is poor insulation in the home or it has drafty windows and doors, it will affect its worth. You can resolve these issues by adding extra insulation, sealing door and window cracks or by replacing old windows. Buyers expect to have the door and windows in good condition before buying any room. Hence, replacing windows and doors may not increase your expected price, but it will not let it decrease at least.

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  1. Basic Updates

Buyers want a safe, healthy and well-maintained home for themselves so routine, maintenance and basic updates count a lot in the worth of a home. Fix the roof damages, refresh your paint, remove mold if found and refinish woodwork to make your home look attractive. Moreover, these regular maintenance chores also increase the life span of your home.

This is your home, no matter you have the plan to sell it in future or not. All home projects do not significantly increase your home’s worth. A useful trick to recoup the investment on home projects is to start with smaller projects to make your home attractive and energy efficient. Focus on above-mentioned projects and Invest in your home wisely to enjoy the time until you are here and get the best return on your investment at the time of selling.

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