5 Shades of Blue- Best Home Improvement Ideas for Every Room

blue color ideas for home

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul” Wassily Kandinsky

I have always heard that colors are the smile of nature that can bring inner peace and offer tranquility. Especially when you have to make choices in home improvement ideas, incorporating your favorite colors can provide more relaxation and balance energy whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.

So, it should come as no surprise that using cool and calm color tones in every room of your house can influence your mood and inculcate positive energy.

According to my personal experience- among all the shades, blue is the most soothing color that offers plenty of comfort and calm. We have scientific proof as well that says blue is the ‘luster of the soul’ which is associated with the feelings of productivity and sometimes melancholy.

Here I’ll discuss some fabulous shades of blue that can enhance the appearance of your homes strikingly.

Deep blue for the living room:

Neutral tones for the living room? No way! I remember once I’ve been told to use grey and light brown shades in my living room. But unfortunately, it didn’t work well, and I felt tired and boring whenever I walked into the room.

Someone told me I should save bold colors for less trafficked areas only.

But my point is if you’re an adventurous person who loves to play with darker tones, then choosing neutral shades would give an awful experience. That’s why choosing a deep blue color for living room walls is a perfect decision. Further, you can pair it with some light-shade accents, furniture, carpets, and appliances.

There are many people who also take a bold plunge into some dark indigo or black shades for living room accent walls. They tend to paint one wall with a moody blue shade which sets a crisp backdrop for the white matted artwork that pops against it.

deep blue shade


Soft Blue for your bedroom:

It is no surprise that your bedroom is your private castle which helps provide comfort, peace, and relaxation after your overall hectic routine. It is the chamber of your ultimate sleep space. That’s why to offer more relaxation, it’s recommended to use soft blue shades with the combination of soft pink or light velvet can double the elegance and charm of your area.

As Visco says: “The bedroom is a sanctuary, so I would stick to the softer and soothing blues.”

Choosing a gray-blue hybrid would also extra fun and would make a great relaxing zone.

soft blue


Grounded Blue for hallways and multipurpose rooms:

In case if you have big gathering places or transition areas, then it is recommended to have traditional grounded blue shades that particularly favors perfectly balanced denim colors. This color won’t even draw enough attention to the room and make it look decent yet attractive.

Just like your bedroom, the dark blue shades won’t work well, as these moody and rich shades might stop people to acknowledge it and potentially disrupt the feelings of your workspace or big dining area.

Indeed, this calmful, soulful and sophisticated blue would work well and will have special magic on your overall interiors. However, choosing the best blue shades is also much important and bring extra elegance and coolness. If you are not feeling much comfortable with the right blue shades, then home improvement contractors can share many awesome home improvement ideas that exactly match with your interiors without even biting your budget.

blue hallway


Deep rich blue for Powder room:

Dark blue shades are best recommended for powder rooms which inculcate positive energy and offer relaxation as well.

If you have a master bathroom or guest bath, then it’s better to use light shades and bright lighting. It is the practical necessity and you might see more clearly in those personal spaces. But when it comes to the powder room, dark blues would look extra dramatic and offer peace, relaxation and positive vibes.

Navy blue can also be considered for cool and dynamic impacts. Paired with white or grey colored fixtures or bathroom furniture would simply look sculptural against the darker backgrounds.

Most people are drawn towards blue because it has a versatile and serene nature and not a single bad impact that destroys your mood after a long hectic routine. So using these shades can simply enhance the overall impact and also bring great joys and comfort to every area especially your powder room.

Ice blue for the guest room:

I have seen many homeowners feel ignorant about the decoration of their guest room. The reason is, this is the least trafficked area of the house and homeowners just occasionally use the room for their visitors. But the fact is, the more you will behave ignorantly towards this area, the more you will end up with the poorly decorated space.

The solution is, make it look fabulous with the cooler shades of ice blue that can give the soothing effects on your visitor’s mind. And if he is disturbed due to any reason, then he might feel relax for a little time. You can also set a color scheme of this area like if you want the combination of dark and light color then choosing light yellow would go well with ice blue. Both colors have a softer nature, so they can enhance the elegance perfectly. Other than that, you can also use the same color scheme for the guest bathroom. It would influence mentally and physically, and your guests would surely love their stay at your home.

ice blue


Final thoughts:

Making the right choices in home improvement is more than important these days. Because it can simply influence your mood, energy and positive vibes. That’s why considering the suggestions of home renovation contractors can have better impacts on the overall decoration as they are knowledgeable and experienced to bring good touch to your interiors. You can also check different videos and tutorials to know about blue shades as these videos can help you make the right decision for your beautiful place.

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