5 Most Trending Interior Painting Color Options in 2019

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Over the years, painting options for the walls of your home have been changed dramatically and the main priority seems to inspire the room’s mood through the aesthetic colors. Painting experts recommend you to choose the colors depending upon the specific area of the home. Here, with the help of home improvement contractors, we will guide you about the top trending interior painting options that should be followed by you in 2019 and time beyond it.

Lilac Gray

The addition of lilac gray paint creates specific emotions and moods in the interior area of your home. With comparison to the dove gray, it appears to be more gender neutral and cheery. Therefore, in the market, it is emerging to be one of the most popular alternatives to the neutral paint color ideas. The lilac gray color also turns out to be resistant to the natural hazardous elements and provides you a long-term refreshing appearance of the walls of your interior area.

Dark Green

As a homeowner, you may not have liked the idea of adding green in your home before. However, in recent times, the dark hue green is considered to be a classic presentation of the walls. Moreover, the dark green color presents the look of nature and tranquility. Dark green has always been used in decorating sue to its calming effects. From the psychological point of view, it will be excellent in relieving the stress mentally. However, it must be noted that all the reactions to the colors are according to the nature and experiences of the individuals. Hence, the selection of dark green should be done with deep analysis.

home improvement

Soft Clay

As a passionate lover for earthy appearance, soft clay is an exciting option for the people who are bored by the beige and brown colors in their home. The good thing about soft clay is that you can utilize in any portion of the home beside the traditional and rustic spaces. Terra cotta is one of its types that have been trending most when it comes to the vintage color addition in the interior area of the home. The soft clay hues are also supporting all the types of lighting features and flooring options which enables you to create a harmonious atmosphere in your home.

New Blues

The blue color is always among the trends in one of its forms regarding any aspect of life. The color scheme options for the interior include charcoal blue, ice blue and gray-blue. It presents a soothing experience for the naked eye and is relaxing in nature for the people having tiring daily routine life. Although it is recommended for any area by the home improvement experts it should not be utilized with the walls that comprise of the fireplace in its surface. The reason behind it is that its surface gets badly affected by the fire flame which needs continuous repairing work for an aesthetic look.

Mushroom Effect

It is basically an updated version of the 70,s popular mousy browns and rusty painting options for the homeowners. With the changing trends lately, the mushrooms are also emerging up to be refreshing in its looks. This is due to the interest of homeowners in the natural environment. Mushroom paint is timeless in appeal and distinct in nature which makes your guest take deep notice of your interior area. Besides this, it is easier for the homeowners to add matching features as the mushroom painting color supports almost every color with it.

The color selection for your interior represents your personal taste and creative nature to the guests. Therefore, to make a long-lasting impression over the visitors and potential buyers, it is necessary for you to be updated with the recent trends regarding the painting options for any home improvement project.

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