5 Kitchen Trends That People Are Loving in 2019

Kitchen Trends

Kitchens are the most popular choice for homeowners to renovate as the design trends and styles change every year and you need to keep updating your kitchen.

There is an array of features like beautiful countertops, cabinetry, amazing lighting, and many other things which bring a fresh feel in your kitchen. Modern kitchens are all about blending beauty with functionality. Kitchen design trends this year are the ones that combine the bright accents, organic finishes, and styles that focus on convenience and elegance.

We have talked with the renovation experts at Renovaten, and make a collection of kitchen styles and designs that are expected to grow this year. Let’s go through them.

1. A Backsplash Featured Wall

The backsplash of a kitchen is an attention-grabbing feature and there are colorful and unique tile patterns we have seen in the past year. However, this year, professionals are eyeing to take the tiles from the countertop to the ceiling. People are opening up their kitchens to interior spaces so you need a focal point that catches everybody’s attention. A full-tiled feature wall is the best answer. It is a very economical and easy way to achieve the amazing visual effect in your kitchen.

kitchen trends

2. Windows on The Wall

Modern cabinetry has become so much efficient that fewer cabinets are enough for your daily use. That is why professional kitchen contractors suggest to remove the upper cabinets on one wall and add an amazing window that will bring the view and a lot of natural light in your kitchen. It will make the kitchen more open and look more expensive. Now, you can enjoy the beautiful view of your garden or lawn while cooking meals for your family.

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3. There Will Be More Wood

Wood is a key feature that prevails last year and it is surely going to flourish this year. Wood brings warmth and feels of nature into your kitchen and it mingles well with the neutral colors like grey and white. Sleek and smooth wood cabinets, ceiling, and the floor create an inviting and calm environment in your kitchen.

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4. Cabinets with Cream Color

Color choice for the kitchen cabinets has grown dramatically in the last few years. There are a number of bold colors that have made their mark but the traditional white is still on the top of the list. However, homeowners are slightly going away from the bright white to off-white that is a bit more cozier and warmer. Cream colored cabinets with wood and brass finishes create a perfect combination which works brilliantly with different styles of kitchen.

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5. Quartz Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite and stone were on the top. However, in the last year, quartz countertops have become the most wanted choice of homeowners. Quartz countertops are expensive, but homeowners tend to save money on other features and buy the quartz countertops. They are very versatile, beautiful, and durable countertops and have a strong impact on the overall sale value of the home.

kitchen trends

Kitchen renovations and updates made perfect sense as this is the most used part of your home and it should stay fresh and beautiful. However, opt for the updates and trends which will stay for long and you will not have to redo your kitchen again after a short time.

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