5 Design Trends that can Give a ‘Wow’ Effect to your Home

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Top home improvement trends can play a major role to enhance the overall appearance of your home, as they give a more charm and character to your interiors. However, choosing some unique design trends can be quite hectic for the people who are new to the industry and have least ideas about giving a ‘wow’ factor to their home.

Here are some unique trends evolved that help you create a perfect place in your entire neighborhood.

Paint your doors in dark colors if walls & ceilings are dull:

If the color of your walls and ceilings are white or grey and you want to add some charm and character to the interiors without repainting your entire house, then you can consider painting your doors black or dark brown. It would give an expensive and clean look to the overall appearance of the room without spending enough amounts. This is a unique trend that can help homeowners maintain an organized look, if you think you can add more appealing colors, you can also approach home improvement contractors as they can guide you something according to the current trend.

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Choose white-stained plywood walls for greater strength:

White-stained plywood walls in Florida simply show how powerful these simple materials can be if you thoughtfully designed and implement the ideas. This is an affordable yet stylish option for people than using drywall. It also provides great strength and offers easy & quick installation.

Trendy flooring styles for the attractive look:

Most of the kitchens in the US and UK feature plenty of bold style choices, but the mixing of flooring materials is still at the top of trends these days. For example, considering hexagonal encaustic tiles simply wrap around to outline your kitchen and dining room. By applying the dappling effect, you can get some antique parquet flooring in the herringbone pattern which leads to attractive living areas.

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Upgrading kitchen cabinets and drawers:

Wide and deep drawers are usually considered convenient and comfortable for accessing various small kitchen items in the lower cabinets. However, if these are not properly constructed, the drawers would not be able to handle the pressure and weight of heavy objects. That’s why it’s better to consult with local kitchen contractors first in order to maintain an organized look of your kitchens as they can apply some durable construction method which will easily handle the load of heavy items.

Adding a convertible coffee table for a spacious living:

It’s quite hard to adjust the things due to limited space. But it simply doesn’t mean that you should give up finding the comforts of some more spacious living. In your 500-square-foot apartment, the homeowners can choose to bring a table from that can be easily lowered to become a coffee table height for their daily use and then raised to the stylish dining table height for lunch and meals.

From decorating a room to maintaining a perfect home for comfortable living, everything can be easily managed in a budget-friendly way if you are choosing the help of right professional contractors. If you want to add some more style and comfort, contact the professionals of Renovaten and get the best advice and suggestions for your next home improvement project.

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