4 Popular types of Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is gaining popularity in the US. Many homeowners looking to remodel their interior portions with this kind of flooring. Due to the various advancements in recent years, it has become an affordable and attractive option. It comprises of different types and has various pros and cons with it.

Plank Vinyl Flooring

It provides you the experience of having hardwood flooring appearance without spending high costs. Naturally, it is much more resistant to the stains and has long-lasting nature than other types. It is impervious to water that makes it an ideal option to be used in bathroom or kitchen. The reason behind durable nature is that it contains commercial grade wear layers and fiberglass.

vinyl flooring

Tile Vinyl Flooring

It is comprised of different size individual squares that after installation emerges as stone tiles. The advantage with it other than appearance is it’s easy and simple repairing and replacement process. Through these individual tiles, different patterns and designs can be achieved by merging them together. However, the installation of vinyl flooring is not so difficult to process but still requires an expert to perform the job. It can also be remodeled into a different natural floor surface covering.

vinyl flooring

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Generally, it is considered the most popular type of vinyl flooring because of its lower costs as compared to others. Moreover, the process of installation consumes less time as it has one or two pieces to place on the surface. This property also gets it protected from the moisture. As far as designing is considered, it is available in different forms and styles and cannot be customized like tile flooring.

vinyl flooring

Wear Surface Types 

Vinyl flooring is also available in 3 types of wear surfaces. They are generally described as Vinyl No Wax, Urethane, Enhanced Urethane. All of them are different in nature when it comes to durability, designing, and styling.

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