4 emerging home improvement trends to watch in 2019

home imp trends

When it comes to home remodeling, it’s always recommended to see what’s trending and popular in the home improvement industry. Thus, if you have not considered updating your home in a couple of months, then its time for you to take a second look at your interiors.

The home improvement technologies have improved greatly, now there are a lot of durable options available for a more affordable price. There are numerous innovations that have allowed smart technology breakthroughs with extreme convenience.

Therefore, today many homeowners in the US, especially in Florida are considering high end, comfortable and luxurious homes. They tend to follow the latest and emerging trends to increase the resale value of their property.

Let the lights in through large windows:

During the day timings, people love to have some natural light, especially in winter months. That’s the reason, the idea of installing large windows can simply allow more natural light in and will also leverage the amazing outdoor views.

Replacing small windows with large ones can simply create a huge difference in your homes.  The one amazing benefit is, the new and large sized windows are highly energy efficient. They can make your indoor temperature cozy and save a huge amount on energy bills.

By installing larger windows, you can allow enough light to pour in. People also choose white framing, it will give the room an entirely new look.

If you want more lighting in kitchens as well, you can consider installing under cabinet lighting, kick plate lighting and over island lighting. Adding different colored pendant lights can also enhance style, character, and personality to your areas, especially in passageways, dining rooms and living rooms.

Master bedrooms suites:

The master bedroom styles have now become a true sanctuary, especially among the people who prefer big apartments and farmhouses. They want the addition of master bedroom suites which simply includes the luxurious bathroom, having customized changing areas, big closets, a large main room, and an extra room which can be used as an exercise or study room.

Bathrooms should be equipped with all kinds of accessories including an upgraded shower, glass enclosures, and seating areas. The vanities should also include the double bowls, smart toilets, and some shiny and radiant heat floors. Modern homeowners even choose the wireless music systems.

master bedroom suiteSmart home additions:

With the new trends and techniques, home appliances are also getting smarter day by day. By the end of 2019, you might see the smart refrigerators that would send you an alert when the grocery items are about to finish.

You can be able to program the coffee makers to have the coffee brewed and ready for you when you wake up.

Heating and lighting systems can also be programmed to adjust according to your scheduled timings and then can be adjusted from phones and tablets.

Convenient sinks and high-end access to water in the kitchen:

Over the course of last few years, farmhouse sinks have been tremendously growing in popularity in the US. Homeowners tend to choose stylish farmhouse sinks to add more style and charm in the kitchens. People also like them because of their decent and ergonomic benefits. They are user-friendly to wash and even soak large pots and dishes. Because of their popularity, it’s easy to find farmhouse style sinks in various materials such as fire-clay, stainless steel, porcelain, and soapstone.

Now you have some latest home improvement trends to follow and opt for 2019 and even beyond. I think this is the best time of the year to remodel your home, as prices are surprisingly low and technology is also improved than a few years ago.

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