3D Bathroom Floors that will Mess with your Mind

colorful bathroom

Home decoration is as much of an expression of our lifestyle, as beautiful clothes we wear. Today, many homeowners tend to choose some unique style ideas that double the elegance in cost-effective ways. While other prefer some futuristic design ideas to get a next level look for their house.

If you are one of those homeowners, you might saw 3D floor trends prevailing tremendously in the US. People call them 3D epoxy floor painting, and it simply feels like the exceptional conversation piece for your beautiful home.

Liquid 3D flooring is now a recent innovation which have been used in big offices, hotels and shopping centers. However, people consider this kind of flooring suitable for any area of their house, but these are frequently used in the bathrooms to create next-level effects.

As you can see below how these cool 3D design ideas have completely transformed the shape of bathrooms.

Turn your bathroom into an ocean!

This incredible design idea offered by local flooring contractors can help you turn your bathroom into a beautiful ocean.

turn your bathroom into ocean


Walk over the clouds:

Do you love walking over the clouds, but couldn’t fulfill the dream so? If yes, then this amazing flooring idea might help you to some extent. I guess its helpful, right?

walking on the clouds


Beach stone flooring:

The idea of incorporating beach stone flooring is now getting popular in different states of the US. If you are loving it too, let’s discuss the details with your flooring contractors and get some useful suggestions.

beach stone bathroom floor


Water droplets for a cooler appearance!

Scattered water drops incorporated in your floors would ultimately give some cool effects and you might not avoid them while walking on the floor. It would offer more pleasant feeling when you drop the real water into the floor while showering.


Red Floral design ideas:

I hope you love flowers like everyone else does. In order to give a bold, bright and attractive appearance to your areas, you can choose red floral 3D designs that can would give vibrant effects and help you create the floors of your dream.

floral flooring


Luxury 3D floor:

Luxury 3D floor could include anything from the random shapes to interesting ocean design ideas. Like the flooring mentioned below in the picture.

luxury 3d floor


Sandy beach flooring:

This is another beach flooring style which is getting common by many homeowners these days. To have some cool effects, you can match the bathroom accessories with this design as well.


If you enjoyed these 3D flooring ideas as much as I did, share with others and let them know about this prevailing trend.


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