3 failed home improvement projects that will make you laugh till you cry

failed home imp projects

“Improvements begin with I”.

These are the wise words by Arnold H. Glasow who motivate people through such heartwarming quotes and sayings.

Being too lazy and budget conscious, I hardly consider such quotes/sayings. But from last few days, I felt extreme exhaustion around me. After figuring it out, I found there is some issue in my surroundings and I really need to revamp my interiors to make the area least frustrating.

I planned something new to motivate myself again. I took a start from some small home improvement projects which have been pending for a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately, out of 5, my 3 home improvement projects went insanely wrong. But I would consider it a positive thing as I have learned a lot from them.

I shared them with my classmates who laughed out louder after listening to the whole crap.

A RUINED flower wreath!

I love flowers. Their colors and gentle smell calm my nerves when I get back after a rough and tough day.  That’s why I decided to make a beautiful paper flower wreath for my entry door. I thought to choose red, yellow and white flowers. Everything was going smoothly, I wrapped up the flowers carefully and hanged them in a very nice way. decided to adorn their look by spraying paint to change their color into light brown.

But what happened next? I RUINED everything. Instead of getting a light brownish tone, the color changed into a rustic or tobacco kind of color. And my reaction was same as below;


Anyway, it didn’t break my heart, I thought to move forward and started another project.

Sofa upgrade ended wrong!

I had a beautiful leather sofa in my lounge. But from past few days, it was looking little tired and losing its shine and elegance. Moreover, I found different holes at the back of the couch and there was a lot of dirt, dust and creepy insects too. So, it was significant to figure out something. I planned to let it out from the corner, changed the sofa clothes somehow (without any professional help) and fixed the back holes. I was so satisfied and carefree. But when I dragged to put it back, it was looking like the below picture.

broken sofa

It was broken badly badly from the mid, and all I found a completely upgraded but destroyed sofa!

Installing the blinds is not an easy job always!

I really wanted to cover my bedroom windows to avoid some unnecessary outside noises. So, I ordered a pair blinds for my windows. They were quite stylish yet decent, as well as easy to install. They were looking so cool and decorated my room like a luxury.

But right after the next 3 days, I had a summer storm and it completely damaged the material of the blind. They even worn out from the windows.  It was important to choose and install the blinds professionally. And here in Florida, I felt very hard to find a reliable professional for this job. So, I just called my friend to help me choose expert and knowledgeable blind repairing services in Florida so that I can tackle the issue to some extent.

damaged blinds

I was so disappointed after these 3 failed projects because I was not expecting this. It simply killed my excitement and motivation.

If you have ever experienced this situation, upload a photo of your failed project in a comment section and let’s discuss the positives and negatives together.

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