15 Unique Paint Color Ideas for Small Bathroom Décor

bathroom decor

Bathroom decoration is a quite tough and challenging job, especially for the homeowners who have the least knowledge about choosing right bathroom decor ideas. Above all, considering the right color scheme is even the hardest task because you have to maintain the balance with other accessories as well.

So, if you want to transform the shape of your bathroom, just step out of your comfort zone and try these bright color pallets that may add some warmth and character to your areas.

Vibrant teal shades:

Bright and bold shades of teal can simply make a bolder statement and give a new shape to your small bathroom décor. When you choose the vivid color for your ceiling and wall, it would simply make your tile, backsplash, artwork the fixtures pop, just like the below picture shown.


Sophisticated Black:

Dramatic black shades combined with the silver accents can simply bring the sophisticated look to your small bathroom décor. You can also consider the shimmery silver mosaic tile as your backsplash which will help you make space really shine and glossy.

black color


Copper shades:

Metallics can help you create a more attractive look of your bathroom, especially if you have a small bathroom, it would add elegance and style automatically. Choose glimmering copper shades for an enhanced and super expensive look. For more versatility and charm, use mosaic tiles in brown shades and light for the backsplash. Also, the floating marble countertop would also compliment the look beautifully and might bring additional texture and interest.

copper color



Pop of pink shades can simply help you make the place interesting and charming.  Decorate your accent wall in earth tones, it wouldn’t only add some fun patterns into your design but might counteract your boldly painted walls.


Baby Blue Bathrooms:

Have you ever tried baby blue shades in your home? If not yet, try using this subdue shade of blue which can help you create a highly attractive look. Try a more subdued hue like this baby blue bathroom. You can even combine this shade with other bold colors like red, green or even black.baby blue


Pretty Plum:

Pretty and dark plum color effects usually add the elements of femininity in your home. While some woodgrain cabinets or the vanity can simply bring in the best ideas of rustic style to such contemporary design. Don’t feel reluctant to add some contemporary designs in your home, as they make the areas look expensive and increase the return on investment.plum color


Neon yellow shades:

Addition of some brilliant yellow strips adds more fun, charm and youthful statement to your small bathroom. You can prefer keeping your fixtures and accessories minimal so that space doesn’t feel overwhelmed. For more style and character, blend the shades of green or pink and add a little contrast to your bathroom.

neon yellow


Vivacious shades of Red:

Create a little energy and excitement by adding some vivacious shades of red. This is even the best choice for kids. You can also try creating the colorful gallery wall which might decorate your empty space above the toilet and then showcase a beautiful artwork of your children.

Red color


Serene Green:

If you love the touch of light shades, there could be nothing better than using the soothing shades of green. When you pair them up with all-white fixtures, you might get some rejuvenating space that freshens up your minds after having a hectic day.

serene green


Rust Orange:

Consider painting your walls in the rust orange shade for a fun and exciting look. After trying this, you won’t feel the need for adding a backsplash. Moreover, you won’t be required to clean the walls every single day as the dark hues will conceal the particles of dust and dirt.

rust organe


Use monochrome color scheme:

Monochromes are usually the best way to build a charming color base for your smaller space. Many homeowners consider using grey tones as they put great impacts on the overall décor. Using softer shades of pink also enhance the overall elegance. But using brighter shades might create an overwhelming look, and it allows you to bring charm, glamour and more style. By doing this, your fixtures would also pop greatly and create an expensive look of your small space. Going with all white or all black is also a good choice as it would create a totally different look.



Lavender shade touch:

Lavender color choice is the rare thing which was avoided by many homeowners in the past, as it had gone out of trend. But now after years, it has made a huge comeback and people are using it with different contrasts.  It creates calming bathroom tones ever. You will love the pale lavender walls as they would give a totally different look to your areas.




When you could settle with two shades, why choosing one? The mixing of two favorite shades can simply create a smarter look and will make the areas overly exciting and attractive.

color blocked


Greige color combo:

The combination of gray and beige can simply give a new shade called Greige, which instantly add the dramatic effects to your bathroom. So, if you love neutral color tones, it might be a great choice for you. But make sure, you are choosing lighter shades of both families to make something interesting and charming.



Royal Blue:

Sometimes choosing bolder shades is the best choice, and especially if it’s a royal blue shade. This dark color would seriously create a dynamic and dramatic effect while creating an interesting appeal.

royal blue


In the end, it’s important to mention that all the above color tones reflect the light and also a good choice if your bathroom has no windows. These contemporary designs might increase the return on investment while selling your home. Before applying these shades, you can consult with the qualified home renovation contractors as they can suggest you something right according to your budget and trend.

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