15 Space-savvy Home Improvement Ideas that will Make You Want to Remodel

home improvement ideas

Innovative technology advancements are revolutionizing home improvement ideas and introducing interesting changes that can help you improve your homes in a better way than before. With that saying, it’s quite hard to predict what would be reinvented or redeveloped after a couple of weeks.

Therefore, with the increasing costs of living, space has become more valuable, especially if you are living in the US.

Here I have explained some interesting home improvement ideas that will make you want to remodel your place today!

Bedroom remodeling idea for the small room:

When you have limited space, innovation might be your first choice to consider making it look less overwhelmed. So, that’s important to utilize the intelligently and accommodate it for other little items that take less space. Raising the bed above your bedroom floor will simply create space beneath and you can utilize this available space for a closet, table or other necessary items.



Maximize your living room with space saving furniture:

If you have a studio apartment or lofts in the city, then this might be the best idea for you. You can buy the necessary space saving furnishing which includes three-seater sofas, chairs, and one table. You can easily save more than 500 square foot of your living area by applying this smart remodeling idea.

space savvy furniture


Get convertible furniture- style, and comfort together!

Convertible furniture solves your problem greatly. It offers style, comfort, and elegance and provides more room to adjust different other items. When you want an extra bed for people coming for sleep-over, then you can utilize your sofa for seating during the day and make it bed during the night. This is a perfect idea for 1-bedroom apartments where an inch of space considers to be valuable.

convertible furniture


Balcony renovation idea:

You can make some space inside and utilize your balcony areas carefully. So, when you shop for the balcony furniture, make sure you are getting weather-proof materials which can go well with extreme weather conditions. Other than that, adding flower pots and railing planters is also a good idea and can enhance the overall structure of the house.

balcony renovation


Backyard remodeling idea:

If you think your backyard is not that much spacious, you can try using 3-4 transformable chairs. They might save enough space and much easy to set up. And for giving a more enhanced look, you can choose to set green plants everywhere and might add different decorative elements to increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home.

backyard remodeling


Ceiling renovation ideas:

It’s possible to create enough space everywhere in your home. But if you are remodeling your ceilings, you need to be little more creative. That’s where when you need professional advice from home renovation contractors because it’s hard for homeowners to tackle the complicated projects by themselves. If you want to save enough space, you can create different storage blocks over the ceilings where you can put books and other necessary stuff without the risks of damage.

ceiling renovation


Fireplace area renovation:

Fireplace areas are extremely important in every home, especially in winters. With the advancements in technology, you can recreate your fireplace area and give it an appearance like circular, square or another desirable shape that can help you make the place look stylish yet cozier.



Garage space renovation:

If you don’t want to keep things hung or scattered everywhere in the garage, then there are a lot of options for you to consider. Choose retractable roll-out shelves and organize the tools, and equipment in those shelves. And when you need some of these during your work activity, you can choose the required roll-out shelf without disturbing other items. And if you have 3 or more cars, and your garage is not that much spacious, then you can simply stack all the cars in one place just like the below picture shown.

garage space


Kids play area renovation:

Making a play area for your kids is the best thing that would keep them busy while you are busy doing other important things. Moreover, it will keep your kids occupied and they won’t be busy in other dangerous activities. That’s why to update their sport courts and all playfields with innovative and educational toys that help them learn as well.

kids play area


Smart kitchen remodel ideas:

For a kitchen remodeling, its best to go with Smart kitchen, that features useful appliances, microwave oven, and smart stove. Retractable working stations, roll-out cabinets, and different essential space saving furniture would also contribute to the attractive look.

smart kitchen remodel


Spiral staircase:

Spiral staircase always looks trendy, stylish and comfortable. When you choose a wooden spiral staircase, it would offer more durability and flexibility and enhance the areas beautifully.

spiral staircase


Loft renovation:

Your small loft can look spacious too when you try to remodel the place carefully. Do not overwhelm it with heavy sofas and beds, just keep a chair and the table and some cozy cushions at the floor. It would make the area look comfortable and stylish at the same time.

loft renovation


Attic Renovation:

If you are not using your attic for storage, then you can consider making it an extra room, in case if you need that. You would be amazed to see how much extra space you can get by simply having this small area. You can even put your collectibles or precious items here and make this a safe zone.

attic renovation


Basement remodeling:

It might be expensive to perform the entire basement renovation, but once you did, you won’t even regret a penny I am sure. You can do a lot of things with your basement. Make it a gaming room, gym, bedroom, wine cellar, bunkers and much more.



Lighting renovations:

Nothing could beat the class of concealed ceiling lights. It feels little tricky to replace your bulbs, but that’s a thought for another day now. Today, all you need to do is make your home attractive than ever before, so the installation of LED lights and concealed ceilings and wall lighting can help make your areas look better and enhanced.

ligting renovatioins


There is nothing wrong with making your homes improved and space savvy by applying all the above-mentioned ideas. And if you think you won’t be able to do it perfectly then getting professional advice comes in handy and solve the problems easily.

So, what’s your favorite home improvement idea that you want to try today?

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