12 Warning Signs you Hired a Bad Kitchen Renovation Contractor

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Deciding on the right kitchen renovation contractor for your next project is a quite daunting and challenging task. And the project gets more intense when you have a limited budget and short time. That’s the reason it’s quite important to find someone who can work with complete dedication and offer more value in the small budget as well.

Therefore, in order to make sure you are getting a positive and hassle-free experience you need to look out for some significant warning signs that can help you tell whether your hired contractor is the right fit for the job or not.

They offer a lower price than competitors:

When it comes to dealing with home improvement, the lowest bid is considered as the most reliable option. And the contractor who offers you a lower price as compared to other contractors they might be planning to cut corners by using cheap materials and low-quality labor. Its recommended to watch out for those kitchen renovation contractors who prefer to underbid their biggest competitors by extraordinary dynamic margins. Because a good contractor always knows how to price themselves efficiently.

They avoid written or legal documentation:

If your kitchen contractor is preferred making different verbal agreements but avoids legal documentation, then there is a big possibility that he won’t stay true to his words and commitments. It’s better to put everything in writing first, no matter how big or small are the details. Never choose someone who doesn’t want any kind of written agreement, as he might not be loyal to his job.

They prefer telephonic communication only!

Beware of those fake people who want to communicate through telephone only. If he doesn’t make time or effort to meet up to discuss your project, then he is definitely not the right choice for you. And in case if something goes unexpected, he won’t be available to discuss the issues face to face. This might not be an effective way of communication, especially when you have to discuss details about kitchen flooring, and countertop solutions.

They do not answer the questions properly:

If your contractor is hesitant to respond to anything that you question, then he might lack a sound technical knowledge and create complications during your project. There are many unprofessional contractors who lack the necessary knowledge and enough experience and try to be fake experts at something. It’s better to stay alert about these issues and do not work with them beforehand.

They feel hesitant to provide references:

A reliable and knowledgeable kitchen contractor must have no problem in providing various references. So, if you are dealing with some who is least comfortable to provide you with name and details of his past clients, then there is a big chance that he doesn’t have a good reputation among previous clients and doesn’t want you to find them.

They are unauthorized:

Every reputable and reliable contractor works legally and has authorized to perform his job. But if your contractors make different excuses about their license and having delays in work or lacking some important requirements, then he is not the right choice for you. Before choosing the right contractor, it’s better to ensure that his license is already in place. And most importantly, do not fall for their fake “special discounts” traps, these are just the traps to steal attention.

They do not have positive reviews:

If your contractor has the least number of positive reviews and customer feedback, then they are not the right fit for you. It’s better to check their online reviews first. There are lots of online review sources such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List and Google and Facebook page reviews.

They don’t have enough experience:

Experience is the most essential thing you need to look first. It’s recommended to work with the contractor who has enough relevant experience for your kitchen project. So, if your contractor is fresh and doesn’t have a good relevant experience, then he might not be the best one for you.

They have bad interpersonal and social skills:

Working with your kitchen contractor means you are spending a great amount of time communicating with them. But if your contractor has bad interpersonal and social skills, then it might be the big challenge working with them. And if he doesn’t know to interact socially, then it could be a clear sign that he is a difficult person to deal with.

They don’t a detailed costs breakdown:

Find out that reliable kitchen renovation contractor who offer you the detailed cost estimate plan. This estimate should include the breakdown of the necessary expenses of every item included in the project. Like a detailed list of what you expect to include in the budget. But if he is not offering you these details and the cost, then it’s better to find the other one.

They do not have advanced tools for your project:

If your kitchen renovation contractor shows up without right or advanced tools, then it’s an ultimate warning sign that he has no idea about doing this job properly. It’s important to ensure that he includes everything in the list of materials and tools that can be utilized in the project. A reputable kitchen contractor must be equipped with the right tools for this job, and if he doesn’t, then it’s time to consider the right one.

They miss deadlines:

If your kitchen renovation contractor is constantly missing deadlines and showing some other significant signs and you feel that your work is not progressing, then it’s a red flag that you have hired the wrong person. If you see this sign, it’s better to terminate your contractor immediately and replace it with the right one.

Bottom line:

Finding the best kitchen renovation contractor is a great challenge these days. It’s better to approach someone who has advanced knowledge and proficient in performing multiple jobs. And never ignore these red flags that are the actual signs of your bad contractor and make sure you stay away from those contractors as soon as you find these signs.

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