10 Ways to Transform your Bathroom this Weekend

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Of course, everybody likes an attractive and spa-like bathroom, but most of the people are living with the average-looking bathroom because of their budget constraints. However, if you really want some quick make-overs which can be handled over the weekend, then here are some interesting ways to remodel within your scheduled budget.

Paint your bathroom with some bold color:

For the simple costs of a few paint cans, it’s possible to transform your bathroom from boring to energizing. This effect could be doubled when you apply some bold paint coats that can entirely change the shape of your bathroom. Try using the shades of red, blue, brown or green.

Transform the area with textile:

Colorful towels do not cost a lot of money, and if displayed prominently, they can simply change the appearance of your bathroom. A dark colored patterned shower curtain would also make a huge difference and may change the shape of interiors.

Installation of an accent wall:

The accent wall looks perfect and might affect the resale price as well. It’s also best for creating a bold statement in even some narrow spaced or confined bathrooms. It also adds an extra twist and stylize the bath interiors.

acccent wall

Place some color-pop bath accessories:

Whether the color-pop accessories are decorated in your bedrooms or bathrooms, they always create a beautiful look of your spaces.  They also give a super expensive look and might add a unique touch to the overall space. The accessories include wall hangings, lighting fixtures, hooks and rods, beach towels, towel bars, shower heads, racks and much more.

bath accessories

Decorate an unexpected rug:

You can try adding an unexpected, soft and colorful rug at the entry of the bathroom. It would simply offer a smooth and calming look to your areas.


Add some wallpaper for your bathroom:

If you don’t want to spend extra money on painting, then wallpaper addition is the cheapest choice that can amazingly change the shape of your bathroom. And if you are choosing some bold and crazy print, then it would be more appealing and attractive than anything else in the area.


Add a little art:

Nothing could transform your bathrooms just like a little art. You can simply save some precious pieces with less humidity.

art in bathroom

Paint the ceiling:

Painting the ceiling is a new trend that can simply enhance your space and give a unique and expensive look. Today, people do not consider this trick as it needs the help of bathroom contractors, but if you are good in applying DIY techniques, then it’s better to consider painting by yourself.


Add the stylish mirror:

You can simply add an interesting mirror to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. For further decoration, you can also add LED lights over the mirror which can brighten up the whole space.

stylish mirror

Clear the cabinets and drawers:

If your bathroom has a lot of cabinets and dressers with different compartments, then it’s the time to spend an hour or two sorting through them. You might be surprised by what you rediscover at the end.


Next To-Do= if you really want to transform the shape of your bathroom, then it’s better to consult with the expert home improvement contractors who can guide you better according to your budget and current trends.

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