10 Unique Purple Home Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Purple Home Decoration

People have strong emotions regarding purple, they either love it or they hate it. That’s the reason it is not considered as one of the most common colors to decorate your home.

People take the safe route when it comes to choosing the color for their homes. White, beige, or any other neutral hue, that’s all. Why? When the world we are living in is bursting with so many vibrant colors then why to use bland in your home?

It is time to break away from the traditional and dated white, black, or beige color and bring a little creativity in your home with the powerful pop of gorgeous colors like purple.

If you are still in doubt, here are some amazing ideas to incorporate purple in your home’s decoration.

1. Dark Purple Walls

Leave all the ifs and buts on a side and try the dark purple color on the walls of your bedroom. Dark purple with bright blue and white will create a soothing and contemporary look in your bedroom. Many people think that the dark color walls are for a bright and well-light bedroom, don’t listen to them. Dark walls are perfect for even a dimly-light room as this amazing color will hold its own regardless of the amount of light in your room.

Purple Home Decoration

2. Softer Side of Purple

Let’s bring the intensity of the purple down a notch or two and you will get a shade that will be more soothing and attractive than the plain neutrals. Being a coll color, purple has a naturally calming effect that suits your bedroom. The soft tint of purple on the walls with the purple bed, curtains, and accent pillows will bring the soft and romantic feel to your room.

3. Be a Little Sophisticated with Purple

If you still think that purple is a strong color to go with, try bold purple walls with sleek and contemporary furniture. Keep your settings very simple and avoid any unnecessary clutter. Combine it with the furniture with the smallest touch of an accent color and see the difference it brings. You will have a sophisticated and sleek bedroom which will create a wow effect in your home.

Purple Home Decoration

4. Luscious Lavender and the Neutral Kitchen

You will be surprised to see the difference just a little addition of color can make to your neutral kitchen. Spice up your traditional white and black kitchen with some small touches of lavender and your cooking space will transform dramatically into a calm, soft, and elegant place.

5. Popping Purple Kitchen

Sometimes people are too attached with the soft colors in their kitchens and it is very difficult for them to let it go. No problem. If you are one of them, here is an alternative that just needs a little bit of paint. Paint the area above your white cabinets with purple color and the contrast will make it look stunning. It will also make your ceilings look even taller.

Purple Home Decoration

6. Majestic Contrast, Purple and Grey

Purple is such a versatile color that it fits with any color. Paint your kitchen cabinets in purple accompanied with the bare brick walls and steel appliances. It will be a great move from being boring and drab to an elegant and lively kitchen.

7. Chill out in Purple

Painting your walls and cabinets is not the only way to incorporate purple color in your home. What about chilling out in your lounge and have an ultimate cup of coffee with rustic purple velvet design sofas. Staying with the white woodwork and combining it with the purple seating will give your evening lounge an altogether refreshing and beautiful lool.

Purple Home Decoration

8. Purple Accessories

Sometimes a small addition can make a big difference to the decor of a room. You can have such an impact with the purple accessories in your room. Add a funky purple rug with a beautiful purple lamp to your blue and violet living room and the outcome will mesmerize you and your guests.

Purple Home Decoration

9. The Royal Living Room

You can bring the royal feel to your living room with the amazing purple hue. Apply a dark purple color on your walls. Add a light grey sofa paired with purple cushions with a  beautiful white lamp and a small purple table. You will have a setting that will give your living room a touch of royalty and richness.

10. Decorating a Small Bedroom With Purple

If you have a small bedroom, or you want to set up a bedroom for the guests in a small space, purple is the right way to go. Keep the walls and window treatments white as it will make the space visually more open. Add texture to your room with the shaggy rug and ottomans. Keep the palette limited by sticking to purple, grey, and white and it will make your small living space cozy and visually more open.

Purple Home Decoration


Colors can make a big impact on the overall looks and style of any room. However, the key to successfully using color to your advantage is to moderate it and apply it in the exact right place. Overdoing it will disturb the overall color scheme of your home. Don’t hesitate to use colors which are a bit different. It will be a pleasant surprise and you will have a completely unique and stylish home. However, it is better to discuss your color choice with the qualified home remodeling professionals first, to avoid any unwanted situation.

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