10 Tips to Avoid Getting Burned by Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

Do you know how much hectic is to remodel your kitchen, especially if you are short on cash?

I am sure you must be one of that 55 % who lives in fantasies and want everything happens magically without spending enough.

If so, you must want the remodeling process easier so you can enjoy the rest of the time in making popcorns and other yummy dishes in your kitchen easily and comfortably.

But to make this happen, it’s important to remodel your kitchen in a way that nobody could ever imagine and without even getting burned.

Yes, this is possible without indulging in fantasies, let’s see how:

Do NOT overspend ever!

Before you make plans and decisions, it’s most important to consider your targeted market and see whether your low, medium or high-end kitchen remodel will make more sense. The costs game can simply run from $3,000 for just normal level paint-and-hardware updates to $55,000 especially if you are installing some expensive appliances and luxurious countertops.

You can also check the neighborhood as it would help you spend according to your budget. You may not get the investment back after installing some heavy appliances or equipment. So, make the decision and follow what is right for your pocket.

Do not disturb the architectural look:

According to the reliable kitchen contractors, you should never try remodeling a 70’s style kitchen into some modern looking cooking area.  Every house, whether humble or hard, is built in its own particular style. You should only work for it not worth with it to transform its entire appearance. You would be spending too many efforts, time and money it’s complete maintenance and overhaul, and then you would end up with the kitchen that might look like it belongs to someone else’s house.

Never forget the latest trends!

I have always seen something new and interesting in the kitchen remodeling industry with time.  Therefore, staying on the top and using some expensive and latest technology trends is the most essential need of the hour. You can also find some less costly and more eco-friendly kinds of the hottest kitchen looks.

Do not disturb the plumbing and gas lines:

Moving gas lines and water pipes to accommodate the sink reconfiguration, setting, dishes, stove or oven is much costly than your budget, especially if you own an older home. Keep all the pipe-connected elements where they are already settled and also keep room for some extra expenses.

Watch for some wrong floor plan:

If you have settled a budget for kitchen appliances, then it’s also important to keep a floor plan in your mindDoes the plan follow some triangular traffic pattern between your, stove, refrigerator and oven? Is your dishwasher placed next to the sink? I think it must be otherwise you will create troubles every time while walking across the room with some dipping dish in the hand. In order to money, I remember I put the dishwasher in my counter which was opposite to the sink and then as a result, I cleaned up spots for next months.

Do not trash your cabinets:

If your cabinets are good in quality and in best working condition, you are lucky. This is actually one of the first things you should check before sizing up your kitchen remodel. Since our cabinet frames are usually the costly component of your overall space.  So, it’s much simpler to give the salvageable cabinets a beautiful facelift. You can follow three easy ways to repurpose and save dollars include. These ways include the addition of new doors and drawer fronts, re-laminating sides and fronts, or simply repaint them with the spray paint. Clean all the cabinets and sanded lightly, then get your painter to come in for spray.

Never scrimp on some new hardware:

Home renovation stores have some great selection of hardware.  You can choose from different stylish knobs and pulls which simply compliments with your architectural style. Do not cut the corners. This is what you might call a brooch – like an added touch which makes the entire area look new and fresh. Also, try to remove and then replace some old painted-over hinges the shiny new knobs.

Consider free advice and suggestions:

In order to get free advise and suggestions, it’s most important to consult with reliable home renovation contractors as they offer something useful and trendy according to your budget. You can also consider the computer-based design solutions for help laying out the kitchen design. Because these are the professional people who can offer cutting edge decorating trends as well as easy home consultations and installation services.

Do not mismatch your appliances:

While buying new appliances such as oven, ranges, and dishwashers, it’s better to consider choosing the same brand appliances. Luckily, the appliance manufacturers have tried to create some functional, good-looking, and cost-effective lines that also include some matching sets. With some careful research and smart shopping, it’s easy to find different affordable appliances which look high-end, and when they all start matching you will get a designer look for free.

Do not forget to make a budget for sinks and fixtures:

Try getting the best possible faucet, and you can get this with the pull-out spray attachment or with gooseneck having an adorable detachable head. It’s a basic necessity which can simply enhance the look of your kitchen and make it a more functional space. It will just take $50-$75. Also, utilize some functional and trendy appliances which can double the elegance of your kitchen and make it look super expensive.

I hope you would like all the above-mentioned ideas that can give your kitchen a ‘wow’ factor and make it look expensive as well. But if you have something more inspirational in mind, you can share your ideas and suggestions for more guidelines.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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