10 Roof Styles to choose for your dream home

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While building your home, an attractive and a durable roof is a great decision that can enhance the aesthetic look of your home externally. People tend to choose various kinds of roof styles to renovate their homes exceptionally, but they often forget to consider the ones which are frequently used these days.

Have a look at the 10 most appealing roof styles that can make your home a perfect place.

1. Flat- best for modern and commercial buildings

Flat roof with contrast to their name are not completely flat but their structure is low-sloped and hence in the end visually looks like a flat one. The reason behind not being completely flat is that they require a little slope for the water to run down from its surface. Recently, people who are looking to build modern and commercial buildings with attractive look are opting for it. The material used for its building has utmost importance for its maintenance and hence they must be selected with keeping in view about its structure.

2. Gable- most popular choice

The gable roof is the most popular choice among roof styles for homeowners historically due to its elegant triangle shape. However, with the time the new names such as pitched roofs have emerged, but its style and shape have always been the same. Its installation is easy as compared to other roofing styles. This is because it has been built with two pitched surface that joins in the middle.

3. Hipped

Hipped roofs are slightly like gable roofs but are a combination of trapezoidal and triangle in shape with 4 surfaces. Its structure is a little dynamic and well built. Its drawback is that it requires roofers to build 4 hip rafters for its complete installation that in the end becomes a long and costly process.

4. Saltbox

They are generally referred to as not being highly used as roofing designs in home and were popular in the colonial era in the world. However, the decision of choosing right roofing for your home can simply improve the appearance of your areas. It is highly recommended in areas where snow and rain are common as its design lets both run off quickly its surface. You are recommended to have an analysis of both its pros and cons when installing it in your home.

5. Mansard

Mansard has a classical design in which all the four sides are comprised of the dual slope that gets together at one point resulting into the low-pitched roof. Mansard roof is popular among the people who like to have an extra space with an attractive looking roofing structure. However, heavily snowed affected areas people avoid having it installed due to its flat top.

6. Gambrel

In case if you are looking to renovate your home with its roofing structure under a tight budget then gambrel roof is the best choice as its installation process simple and easily done. The structure has some similarities to the mansard roof as it contains two slopes with different attributes. Generally, the lower slope is a bit steep but upper slope, in contrast, is different. Although, it is not suggested by experts in breezy areas.

7. Butterfly

The unique name of butterfly roofing is because similarly unique structure which looks like two wings that appear to be in motion in the air which makes it different from other roof styles. It helps homeowners who like the idea that their rooms have windows which are large in structure. The cost of this type of roof is high as it has a lot of complexities in its styling. Similarly, its delicate designs need proper follow up and maintenance.

8. Skillion

For people who look to renovate their outdoor area with home additions, opt for these kinds of roofing shape. It requires a single slope that is held angled flat with the help of the taller wall. The fashion of this roofing structure is rising high and its usage in snow-affected areas is making it the best choice for people looking for eye-catching roof styles.

9. Pyramid

Pyramid roofing structure is a vintage design which is still one of the famous roof styles for homeowners, especially in cold areas. Its structure consists of slops on all sides getting joined at the top. Due to its high costs, it is not usually decided by the people. Moreover, its structure does not only people who have he wish to enjoy a roof sitting.

10. Curved

A newly introduced design in this century which has decorative and artistic visual appearance. The unique design also adds its glamour to the interior portion of the home. The best advantage it provides to its homeowners is its flexibility to have a custom design. However, its costs are a bit high which marks an obstacle to its increased usage in homes by the people.

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