10 life hacks to help you renovate on a budget

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With the New Year well underway, it’s the best time to renovate your home with some reliable and budget-friendly hacks. You can simply add a new lease of life to your interiors and exteriors by choosing these home renovation tricks without even breaking your budget. 

Give a makeover to your furniture:

Today, people wish to replace their furniture with trendy and stylish pieces. But it’s not necessary to replace the whole furniture as you can also give a simple makeover without crying over your freshly drained bank account. So, from refinishing to adding a fresh paint coat or replacing the drawer handles, you can consider choosing multiple possibilities ranged between $15-$25 and can give your old furniture a new and attractive look

Enhance the curb appeal of your front entry:

Our front entry door is the preliminary area which can make or break the overall appearance of the home. It’s the face to the world and helps you boost the look of your exteriors. So, make it look shiny and welcoming. It should be bold with colors and should be accessorized with various pots of nicely colored flowers, a beautiful brass number plate, a stylish knocker or have some carriage lamps that can frame the area of your door. In order to make it look more inviting, it’s better to consult with the professionals of outdoor remodeling contractors as they can help you make the areas look more appealing and attractive. With their advice, you can save from $100-150 without breaking your budget.

Front door black

Bring some life to your living room with different features:

Creating an engaging and appealing living room could change the overall appeal of your home. You can enhance the look by adding an interesting wallpaper finish or simply changing the paint colors of the room. This is a simple yet effective update and should take only one weekend. And this is not an expensive deal as an average rate of changing your wallpapers lie between $25-$40.

You can also use a cool tone that can help you make space appear bigger without even spending a huge amount on the project.

Spruce up your areas with Laminate flooring:

When it comes to flooring choices, laminate flooring is best to consider as it is comparatively easy to lay and give the interiors of your home a quick pick-me-up for the best outlay. But in case, if your home has some traditional kind of floorboards then bringing them up to scratch would be a quite challenging DIY project; and some high gloss polyurethane surface would be best achieved by local flooring contractors as they can enhance the look and add some professional touch to the project.

Frame your kid’s artwork:

This is one of the super cheap ways to bring texture, color, and special memories to your home and you will hardly spend $5 on this renovation. You can choose a beautiful large photo frame at your nearest store, add your child’s favorite artwork and after little customization, hang it somewhere in the room. You can even cluster different artworks for a more appealing look. You can also unleash your drawing talent and consider painting your own abstract artworks.

Addition of floating shelves for displaying accessories:

Addition of floating shelves is might be the most affordable and simplest way that can help you add a uniqueness, style, and functionality to your room. They look great for displaying different accessories or toys in your kids’ rooms, books in the lounge, or even displaying photo frames in the dining or drawing room.

Give your bathroom a facelift by replacing cabinets:

You don’t need to spend huge amounts on changing the entire bathroom cabinets. If your existing cabinets are already functioning smoothly, then it’s better to not replace them and only spend a few bucks on those which are not working in order or might look old. You can consider adding a fresh paint coat or change the knobs and your bathroom will give like a brand new look.

bathroom cabinets

Update your cooking space:

You can update your kitchen area by simply renovating the backsplash and choosing the right kitchen tiles. You have a choice to choose diagonal tiles, laser cut tiles and subway tiles. Other styles of tiles included hand-painted tiles, specialty-shaped tiles, herringbone tiles, and mosaic tiles. The costs will usually lie between $15-$30. With so many options to choose from, you can consider taking the advice of kitchen renovation experts as well who can guide you in a more professional manner.

Upgrade your ceiling fans for a more appealing look;

An old or worn ceiling may take away the entire look and design of your home. In order to change the look of the ceiling fan, you can prefer changing its shades, add some new light kit, update their blades, or can even add unique decorative pull chains to make it look more elegant.

Transform your fluorescent light covers:

You can give a new life to your room by adding some decorative light covers in less than $30. These light colors are available in different stunning designs you can select from a wide selection of some brilliant, decorative light covers, and can even upload your own pictures to create more personalized covers that are sure to inspire your guests.

It’s not always necessary to decorate your home with high-end amenities that can break your budget at the end of the month. By applying the above-mentioned hacks can simply help you renovate your areas on a budget and enhance the look of interiors & exteriors. If you are looking for some professional advice, you can consult with Renovaten experts and let them help with more valuable suggestions.

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