10 Life-changing Upgrades for Every Room in your Home

life changing upgrades

Afraid to involve in some stressful home improvement project? Don’t be. Because you don’t need to go with major renovations that can take plenty of time, efforts and money. You can simply follow the latest technology trends and choose various life-changing upgrades for every room can add value and make the lifestyle more comfortable than ever before.

Using outlast mattress, blankets or sheets:

Using outlast sheets which were developed for NASA is the innovative thing that can be adapted by most of the homeowners today. The outlast sheets or blankets usually contain thousands of tiny capsules which simply absorb heat when you are getting hot and then release it when you are getting cold. These are basically used by the Army in combat clothing. These blankets and sheets can be used through those nights when the temperature is 0 or 1 or if you forget to close the windows.outlast sheets

Remote control lights:

It’s easy to program your lights according to your needs. You can turn them on or off whenever you feel. You can even control the lighting system with your smartphone. This would be a helpful technique especially if you are not home and forget to turn off the lights before leaving.remote control lights

Use of stainless-steel countertops:

Stainless steel cannot be damaged easily, even if you try with hot pots, knife or blowtorches. The countertops made up of stainless steel are easy to clean and the dirt or small food particles wouldn’t get stuck in any of the corners. You could also get this in the same cost as traditional counter surfaces. They would give a unique and super expensive look to your kitchen. That’s the reason, many homeowners tend to use stainless steel countertops which are also recommended by the local kitchen contractors who help people regarding every kitchen-related matter.stainless steel countertops

Hydrotect ceramic tiles for bathroom flooring:

Choosing Hydrotect ceramic tiles is the best decision for your bathroom flooring.  These kinds of tiles have a titanium-dioxide coating which can easily dissolve different pollutants. According to bathroom contractors, these tiles have some antimicrobial metals that kill germs and bacteria that would cause enough staining. This is the most interesting feature that can make the tiles a popular choice.bathroom tiles

A wireless AC- the dream of homeowners

A wireless AC is a dream of almost all the homeowners today. This kind of wireless AC usually mounts to the wall and then try sending different infrared signals to the AC, by using your smartphone as a remote control. This kind of innovative system also supports geofencing, so you can set it up turn on when you walk into the house and turn off when you move out.

An agile vacuum:

Agile vacuum directly sucks all the dirt and add it straight into the bag, it doesn’t even create a sound until you find a winding path of the other vacuums. The thing you would really notice is its wheels. They are also much huge at least more than the standards of vacuum and they also make the Magnesium quite easy to push and turn, no matter thick is your carpet.

Upgrade your rooms with UV light tech:

If you have kids at the home, you must understand how hard it is to clean the room and clear the mess. In order to deal with this issue, you can buy the technology called Roomba vacuum which has a powerful cleaning system installed that clean the hardwood floors deeply and leave no mess behind. It has a UV light that simply kills bacteria while clearing the floor.

DIY security system:

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to spend big bucks on your home security system or it’s wiring, then choosing a professional security system is the best option indeed.  This security system would have multiple motion sensors, alarms and small cameras that you can easily install yourself anywhere you need, then monitor the activities through your smartphone.security system

Improve your deck:

Choosing an ultra-sheet composite deck board is the most cost-effective option for an enhanced decking. This board is made up of resin & wood fibers from recycled bottles and jugs and then wrapped up in a plastic layer which ultimately protects its UV damage and water.improve deck

Sprinkler controller:

Homeowners use timers to detect weather conditions. But this technique is quite old now. Today people choose the Sprinkler Controller which pair up with your smartphone than use the location data to track wind, rain, and humidity. It creates a perfect weather detecting system.sprinkler controller

There are still lots of life-changing smart home upgrades that can improve your lifestyle and offer a more comfortable and convenient environment. However, following the above-mentioned ones could simply provide a better way of living within your budget.

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