10 Home Improvement Ideas Went Wrong in the Funniest Way

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Hey you! Did you ever walk into a newly constructed home and think to yourself that ‘I could’ve designed this much better’? That’s just because, for as many amazing home improvement ideas that we see, there are a lot of renovations too that are atrocious enough to kill the overall look of the areas.

The reason is, the home buyers are failed to maintain the balance between best renovations and the worst parts that are creating bad impacts and influencing good areas as well.

Here I have enlisted some home improvement ideas that went wrong in an extremely funniest way and creating enough troubles for homeowners.

Zig Zag door:

All the reliable builders use to say, always measure twice and cut once. And if you don’t follow the rule, you will have to experience troubles like the below image shown.

zig zag door


As you can see there is something hanging on the wall at the right side, now this home improvement contractor had to cut this thing so that he couldn’t disturb the whole fixture. Now the end results of this door are quite disturbing, it exactly looks like a Tetris piece and its entrance is giving some bad vibes. Artistic freedom also matters a lot, but the door should be shaped like a proper way.

Watch your head carefully:

Are you looking at the below image? You must be wondering what is this? How this guy is supposed to go upstairs, by bending down or what? Now as you can see the guy is not even tall, but his head is still hitting the ceiling only halfway up to that staircase. You must hate to bend your necks while walking up the stairs and the guy also doesn’t look happy while doing this. Unless you don’t want to get bruises and bumps all over the top of your head, I would suggest the homeowner approach reliable home improvement contractors before things got worse.

worst stairs


No privacy in the bathroom- seriously?

Would you like to go in such a bathroom where everything is open and no privacy at all? Off course no.

no privacy

I really don’t know why someone would like to have such kind of open bathroom where he could nothing hide. The bathroom is located right at the entrance and has an open backyard like area. At least the homeowner should have put some thick curtains or add a solid door or even blinds so that nobody could walk by and disturb someone’s personal moments.

Ditch door:

In the below image, the bricklayers were not adjusted carefully and even badly finished. However, there is no open place to get inside the door, as you can see if someone tries to get enter, he might have troubles to open easily and his clothes could even get dirty while making efforts to get in. The real issue is, the bricks were of small size and damaged too and get displaced from their location, so the renovator took them out to make an entryway. But this went badly wrong and a person wouldn’t even want to get enter through such a filthy place.

ditch door


A sink installed too far!

Everybody would love to have two sinks in their kitchen, so they can have enough space to adjust dishes and everything. But the way this sink is adjusted is too disturbing and even funny.

too far sink


But the point is, if you really want two sinks, it’s must to have a faucet that can easily reach them both. But unfortunately, the renovator did it quite wrong. The second sink has rendered much useless since no drop of water can easily reach to its designated area, and this is definitely a bad sign you hired a bad kitchen contractor.

Disastrous deck:

Today, many homeowners tend to turn their backyards into a relaxing space and want to make it their personal oasis where they can find some comfortable moments along. This homeowner also tries to do the same thing, but unfortunately, he hired a wrong contractor who instead made a major mess. All he wanted to do is to relax in the hot tub, but the renovator just placed some heavy amenity on the rickety deck which resulted just like the below picture. This looks like a disaster to clean up and it looks like all the cash went down the drain.

disastrous deck


Busted shower head:

When you talk about innovative home improvement ideas, you often want to discover something interesting and unique. But here I guess that this person was some college student who had to figure out their busted shower head. He may have walked into his room and then picked some empty can. All he did was just poked a bunch of tiny holes in the duct tape and then placed it over the faucet. This looks like a creative idea but off course the temporary one that can serve least help and assistance for the long run.

shower head


Stairs to nowhere!

It looks like this homeowner was not prepared to make a final plan for his home and did something wrong with stairs. I guess his home improvement contractor wanted to use these stairs just as a type of support for the remodel, but now it feels like this staircase is not going to anywhere and just disturbed the look of the whole area.  Anyone would feel scared while crossing this bridge to get to the front door.

shower head


Where is the roll?

I think the person who lives in that house is the biggest prankster as he seemingly wants to leave his family members and guests stranded in that washroom searching for the toilet paper. It doesn’t make any sense to put that roll into the cupboard, so it’s simply looking like the most troublesome thing and biggest mistake of a contractor.

where is the roll


Absurd balcony:

This could be a very nice and attractive place, but the fact is, it actually is quite disturbing because there is no absolute place to get in. the design looks inherently flawed as there is no door or a window and just a simple railing with nothing.

absurb balcony


Home improvement ideas can badly go wrong if there is no reliable contractor to deal with the issues. It’s quite important to make the right decisions at the right time so you can invest correctly to get long term benefits.

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