10 Blue Kitchen Décor Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Today

blue kitchen decor ideas

I bet! You have never seen your favorite color like this before…!

Hey you! Do you love applying various kitchen décor ideas for an enhanced look? Are you also a decoholic person like me who just want to involve himself in different kinds of decorations and love to bring some unique innovations? If so, you have come to the right place.

I talk more often about different areas of the house and guide about different innovative techniques like recently I got a chance to write about smart home renovations and explained which home renovations contribute to your home improvement.

So, today I am going to talk about another innovative trend of incorporating a blue-themed kitchen which simply delivers a beautiful and lively look.

Blue top kitchen cabinets:

Have you ever seen some bluish shade cabinets in your kitchen? If so, you must know how beautiful and lively they look. I remember when I first time incorporated blue colored cabinets in my kitchen with the help of kitchen contractors, it was looking like everything has come back to life and displaying originality. You can choose different shades of blue according to your choice which includes navy blue, aqua blue and glossy blue for a more stylish look.

blue kitchen cabinets


Blue French Doors:

This is another prevailing trend in the US. Many homeowners choose white for their kitchen but incorporate blue shades for their French doors. It simply gives an attractive appeal and creates uniqueness in overall decoration. This is a must try the technique and I hope you would love this idea for even years.



Blue tiled kitchen:

Blue tiles always have some best effects on mood. It doesn’t create an overwhelming look like other darker shades of brown and black. Blue patterned stylish tiles will make your kitchen appear larger and you can easily clean dirt and dust daily from these uniquely fixed tiles. You can even consider the recommendations of flooring contractors who can guide you well about which pattern would look well according to your overall interior decoration.

blue tiles


Blue kitchen accessories:

Incorporating blue floor tiles, walls and ceilings are not that just enough to have an attractive appeal. You must bring some decent decorative ideas that can enhance the overall structure of your kitchen. That’s why I think, blue accessories can double the charm and uniqueness and can give more warmth and fresh appeal. Blue accessories include a blue chandelier, blue table & chairs, and blue wall hangings & wallpapers.

blue kitchen accessory


Blue carpeted kitchen:

If you have a tight budget schedule and don’t want to spend extra bucks on blue tiles, then you can also consider the idea of using blue carpet for your kitchen especially if your floor is damaged. Many homeowners do not appreciate this idea as they think the kitchen is the most frequently used area and prone to more wear & tear. So, the carpet would get dirty and might need regular cleaning or vacuuming. If you have same thoughts, you can only use small rugs or carpets and incorporate them on one or more damaged areas. You can also choose to add striped carpets as they are trendy and might create a more appealing look.

blue carpet


Blue communal kitchen seating:

A beautifully organized blue row of kitchen chairs or stool bars give some decent look and add a modern color pop that goes in good contrast to some other unique custom-made matte lacquer cabinets and kitchen island. This even makes your kitchen look organized and the whole family can enjoy eating together in the fresh & lively environment. Especially if you have kids at home, this is an ideal arrangement to serve them their delicious food.

blue seating


Blue Island kitchen:

A blue island in your kitchen gives a defined look and offer more elegance and charm. Well, this is a quite simple and ignored thing and many homeowners do not consider applying it and don’t prefer to change the original appearance or color. But choosing blue shades of kitchen island can simply change the overall look and might give more refreshing appeal. Blue island will further help you make the things look organized and balanced without creating some overwhelming effects.

blue island


Blue and Red kitchen:

Choosing all blue accessories and appliances is a good trend and look attractive as well. But when you add the combination, it further enhances the elegance and creates a vibrant appeal. For example, the addition of red can help you create a wonderful look as there are one dark and one neutral tone, so they will complement best. You can also choose some other color according to your own choice.

blue and red


Blue backsplash:

A stylish backsplash can simply transform the look of your kitchen, and when it’s decorated with icy blue tiles or wallpaper then it doubles the elegance and charm. Not only that, but it also enhances the look of overall interiors. Other than that, you can increase the resale value while choosing navy blue backsplash with glossy shades of white or grey. You can also consider adding the shades of black or red to make them look more appealing and awesome.

blue backsplash


Blue striped walls:

Addition of tiles and wallpapers still look trendy but having blue striped walls look more innovative and charming. Do not choose all the shades of blue for stripes, instead consider adding different tones like yellow, brown, pink, red and dark blue. In this way, you can be able to add some colorful touch in the most stylish way. Furthermore, it’s not much expensive and even affordable for every budget.

blue striped


I hope you love all the above mentioned ideas and make you want them to try today. But before applying, make sure you are not creating an overwhelming environment by applying all the ideas blindly. If you choose two or three of them then it would be enough to create an amazing place. But when you consider them applying all at once then you might waste your money as they will look awkward and unattractive.

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